Full on toddler meltdowns: How to deal with them

We have asked a few experts - Mums!

Needless to say all children at one stage or another are going to have the odd tantrum. In most cases it is just a phase one that will pass in good time. There are many different ways you can deal with kiddie tantrums and we have asked some of our mums what they do. Here are some options for you: 
Ignore them- Some mom’s claim that by ignoring them and their problem it goes away quickly as your kiddie will not get the attention he wants or you jumping through hoops to please him. Of course that is easier said than done when a nipper is crying at your leg begging for attention! 
Talk- Talking about their feelings can be a good way for you and your child to get through whatever is niggling them. Teaching your child that rather than throwing themselves on the ground screaming they could actually tell you what is wrong and see if you can sort it out? All well and good but if the problem is that mammy is not buying a giant sized chocolate bar, how do you talk out that problem? 
Distract them- You know your child best and you will probably recognise the signs of when your child is heading for a mini meltdown so divert their attention! Do whatever it takes as distracting them will make them forget the issue and give you a few minutes more peace if you are one of the lucky ones! 
Problem solve together- So your youngster wants a teddy and you are not buying him the teddy so what can you do to help your child? You can have a chat and tell your kid to put it on their wish list, a list that has all the things they’d like to get in the future. It can be there as a reference for birthdays or treats and will help your nipper understand that he has to wait and appreciate things. 
Time out- Time out has long been used in households as a way to deal with tantrums but it isn’t for everyone. Some mam’s say their kiddie won’t stay in their room or on the naughty step and it becomes a rat race. Others find their child responds well to it and stays where they should and behave better after their 2 or 3 minutes but that is for every parent to decide.
Offer solutions and choices- If your kiddie is communicative during a tantrum you can try to offer solutions to their issue and let them choose how to move forward. Keep yourself calm and tell your child what is acceptable and unacceptable behaviour but if they behave now they can have a choice in their punishment like 2 minutes’ time out or no TV for an hour.
Hug it out – children can get upset at themselves when they have a tantrum often forgetting quickly why they got themselves so worked up. A big hug can calm them down and restore peace.
If all else fails maybe try getting on the floor and join in – let’s be honest it is what we feel like doing sometimes!
Written by Emma, Irish mummy blogger and staff writer with www.familyfriendlyhq.ie
Check out her own blog at emmasmadjotters.com

Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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