Enjoy Every Minute With Your Kids While They Are Small: Read this Mum's Take On It

"Enjoy every minute", they said, "precious" they said. Of course I was looking at these people like they had two heads. 

Enjoy every minute, they said, precious they said. Time goes by so quickly. Of course I was looking at these people like they had two heads.
I stared blankly at them, gushing to me and telling me how I should feel and appreciate. Did they not know, time stood still in my world, even in that very second they were talking to me, they were muffled out and I was submerged in what for me at the time was a living hell. As I re-enter the ‘real world’ I begin to think perhaps they weren’t quite mad, maybe they just liked saying these things because they knew it would irk me. 
I was a 28 year old mother of 1. The days were endless, unrewarding, stressful and heart-breaking. I cried lots because my baby cried lots.  I sang to him, he cried louder. My poor boy. I searched for answers, needing to know why he cried so much, why he wouldn’t feed, why he would not sleep. I found some answers, but it was really time that stopped the crying, he simply grew out of it. Time had a lot be thanked for but no, it certainly wasn’t flying.
A similar battle reconvened with our second chap, I snarled at people advising me to ‘enjoy it all’ through sleep deprived eyes, and yet again time saw us through until he finally slept and no longer cried. I was 30, and time was still not flying.
Along came our third little one, a girl, who didn’t cry all day and slept quite well. She healed me and let me build bridges and bonds with her older brother’s as she napped. She healed all for us. I finally for to ‘enjoy every moment’, we all did and for the first time I could see what people were talking about all of these years. The only downside to this was, the more I found I enjoyed myself, the faster time has passed. 
Baby girl is two and a half now. I am 34 my eldest, handsome little man is almost up to my shoulder. I find myself now asking, where has the time gone? Our middle man, is a handsome one, he is dark haired and very clever and he starts school in September. Where has the time gone? Baby girl, is now asking me to take her nappies off and is heading for the world of toilet training in the coming months. Where has the time gone?
Time really is precious. It is. I see that now. It is a healer and a giver. It has an unfortunate tendency to fly by when we are having fun, but I guess we should try to cling on to that fact when we encounter those long endless days. I am done with wishing my life away and waiting for things to happen. I am going to practise living in the moment and see how it goes. 
We are a family of 5 living in a beautiful 3 bedroom cottage surrounded by beautiful nature. We have enough space for us but would like just a little more. We are waiting to be able to do that. Waiting, takes time. Saving, takes time. My mum warned us at the weekend, not to leave it too long or we will be left with our extended space and no little people left to live in it. It may sound a tad dramatic, but at the rate time is flying these days… she could be right. x 
Written by Sonja, staff writer with Family Friendly HQ and mummy blogger too!
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Sonja Smith

Sonja is a contributor to Family Friendly HQ.

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