5 Great Ways To Improve Your Child’s Coordination

Kids' coordination is extremely important, but you may not realise how much it matters to your child’s future skills.

Kids' coordination is extremely important, but you may not realise how much it matters to your child’s future skills.
Coordination is something every child needs to follow instructions and let their body work together in a coordinated way. Coordination refers to a child being able to coordinate movement in their legs and arms in an operative way.
Kids will use their coordination skills in most parts of their life too. These coordination skills may be practiced by jumping, skipping, using a knife and fork or tying shoelaces. Children will also follow objects and use their eyes and hands to learn how to write or draw by their coordination.
Here are some tips on improving your child’s natural coordination skills:
1. Encourage your child
Make a fuss about your child and their attempts at learning new things. Without much encouragement, your child will probably give up after a few attempts but learning good coordination skills takes a lot of effort. To catch a ball properly it takes time and it gets easier as they get used to it. So, don’t let your kiddie give up and be supportive of their skills and talents
2. Mix up activities
Instead of doing the same thing over and over try change things and this way your child doesn’t get bored. Try some of these things instead of doing the same tried and tested methods of building coordination.
  • Balloon tossing is great fun, especially for little kiddies.
  • Juggling for hours whether it is bean bags or balls.
  • Skipping is great for kids and it does wonders for their coordination too.
  • Dribbling and passing a ball helps build coordination.
  • Beanbag throwing can be fun too!
  • Roll on playmats and encourage little ones to have fun doing it.
  • Climbing on safe climbing walls or in the park is a great idea and most kids love climbing!
  • Piggyback rides though mum and dad may not be happy about this idea.
3. Make time for coordination skills
What time suits you to put aside everything and focus on your child for 20-30 minutes? Once you figure that out promise yourself you will play with them and build their skills. Bring your child to the park, get them cycling or play a ball game outside. Swimming is another great thing for your kiddie to do as they are using all their muscles.
4. Get your child to do some chores at home
If your child is doing chores they are using their coordination skills to do them. Whether it is folding laundry, helping chop food for the dinner or setting the table these tasks take concentration and coordination. Sure, it may take practice, but they should learn how to do things themselves eventually.
5. Don’t forget to keep at it
Encouraging all your family to work on their coordination means they will be exercising and then generally you will be healthier and happier for it. If you begin to adopt some of the practices above your family will begin to love exercising and have tremendous coordination!

Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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