10 essentials that you must not forget when travelling with a toddler

If you are planning a mid-term trip away this quick guide will have you sorted 

Very soon we will be embarking on our lovely “summer holiday” as a family. It will be myself, my partner and our 2.5 year old son. We usually go away this time of year because it's a bit cheaper all round. The first year was a walk in the park. We had a 16 week old baby who literally fed, cooed and slept for the entire holiday. It was genuinely relaxing. The next year we had a 16 month old and that was BUSY. Again though all was fine once I had my boobs with me at all times and his favourite snacks and toys. We got through the flight just fine and he slept for a huge chunk of it. 
This year we have a full fledged toddler who gets things. He gets excited by certain toys and TV shows. He knows how to say no to certain snacks and activities. He tells us when he has a dirty nappy and he looses the plot if he sees another child with a “bop bop”. Then there is the tantrums.  Flying with our 2.5 year old could potentially be a very stressful affair. Instead though I am taking a positive approach and taking full advantage of the fact that we know the things that he loves and hates. 
Here is what we are packing in our toddler-air plane-survival-bag AKA his carry-on. 
  • Two changes of clothes. One “just in case” and one with cooler clothes for when we land off the plane and he is likely to be hot and fussy.
  • Healthy snacks such as fruit, oat bars and carrot sticks. This is so I don't feel too guilty when I introduce the....
  • Unhealthy snacks that will keep him in his seat when the fasten seatbelt sign comes on. We've packed his favourite crisps, biscuits and TOCOLATE for when we need a quick fix when the inevitable toddler tantrum striked.
  • THREE soothers. He still likes one to sleep and we have a track record of losing 1-2 soothers at times when we really really need them. I'm not taking that risk!
  • Big beaker of his favourite juice and a bottle of milk to encourage a long (please child) nap about an hour in to the flight.
  • €5 worth of cheapie toys from the local pound shop. Light objects that were inexpensive and small enough to travel with. A little packet of cars, a small colouring book and crayon set and some Fireman figurines. We plan to introduce these one by one in the hopes of keeping him happy and free from boredom.
  • Ear-phones and a 5 episodes of his favourite TV show recorded and ready to go on our phones. They have been downloaded already so no need for WIFI. This one will be a life-saver.
  • Nappies, wipes, nappy sacks, cream and all the regular everyday paraphernalia.
  • Calpol and a medicine syringe – just in case teething or temperatures strike.
  • A magazine for me.... wishful thinking but if 1-9 works I might just get five minutes to down a coffee and pretend I'm feeling relaxed.
Happy holidays! 
Written by Tracey, mummy blogger and staff writer at www.familyfriendlyhq.ie.
Check out her own blog at www.loveofliving.blogspot.ie

Tracey Quinn

Proud mum of two who got married on Don't Tell The Bride and had an accidental home-birth (loves a good story). She's passionate about breastfeeding, positive thinking & all things cosy.

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