How To Apply For A Child's Passport

Travel Expert Hazel Fogarty's guide to applying for a child's passport.

Historically, holidaymakers could have their children added to their passport. Following a change in 2004, it is now necessary for all minors under the age of 18 to have their own passport.

From early 2017, the term of a child's passport is 5 years regardless of age.

Here's how to apply for a child's passport.

  1. Get the right forms.

    If this is your child's first passport and you are a resident of the Republic of Ireland, you will need to fill out an (APS 1) form. These forms are available from your local Garda Station, Post Office or one of the two passport offices located in Dublin and Cork.  If you are a resident in one of the 6 northern counties, you will be required to fill out an (ASP 2) form available from a limited number of post offices listed here on the Department of Foreign Affairs Website.

  2. You will need consent.

    To apply for a passport for a child under the age of 18, consent from all guardians is required. If you are the sole guardian or if all guardians do not reside together, it may be necessary for the application to be accompanied by a Sole Guardian Affidavit Form, available here .
    Person looking at a map and passport Person looking at a map and passport

  3. You may need to submit Declaration Form A.

    Due to an amendment to the Irish Nationality Citizenship Act, it may be necessary to also submit Declaration Form A . This is necessary if your child was born on or after the 1st January 2005 and you want to declare the citizenship of the child via residency and you or any other guardians were born within the EU, the EEA or Switzerland (not including the 6 northern counties or Great Britain).

  4. Renew in five years.

    Renewing your child's passport is a little more straight forward and can be done partially online as it does require the printing and signing of consent forms in front of a DFA sanctioned witness.

Before applying for a new passport or renewing an existing one it is recommended that you watch the Department of Forign Affairs helpful video as well as taking a look at their FAQ  Frequently asked questions .

It is important to also apply for the passport well ahead of your planned trip as waiting times are between 10 and 18 working days on average.

The Department goes as far as stating that “Applicants are strongly advised not to book flights until they have their passport.” 

If you find yourself in a situation where your child requires a passport sooner rather than later, you can make an appointment to visit the passport office for a “rapid renewal”.  Appointments can be made by visiting

If in doubt about any aspect of your child's passport renewal or application please contact the Department of Forign Affairs through their helpful contact us portal


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