6 benefits to holidaying with family

It's not for everyone but there's lots of positives to bringing the extended clan with you

Holiday season is nearly upon us and this is a time when many people will head off for some much-needed rest and relaxation. Everyone loves to get away and take some time away from the life we lead at home but sometimes it is nice to bring a bit of home with you!
Extended Families are now joining forces and holidaying together and while it isn’t for everyone (there are those who want a full escape from home!) there are many good reasons why you should holiday with family members and their kids. 
  • Babysitters- It isn’t the only reason but it is a bloody good one as holidaying with family means you can all take turns babysitting the kids and you should be able to get a nice meal yourselves without the youngsters. It doesn’t have to be every night but having that option means you will not have to fret about the kid’s safety while you enjoy a night out as they will be with their family! 
  • Drink and shopping buddies- As much as you love your partner and kids it is nice to have a buddy who can share your love of shopping or sangria! Sometimes arguments start on holidays as people can’t agree on what to do but at least if you have your partner in crime you will be all set. 
  • Evening fun and games- It is lovely to get away and chill out with family and you will find everyone will be relaxed that it adds to the holiday. While at home you may have work and other stuff to think about but on hols you can give your whole family attention and that is great fun when the evening entertainment starts! 
  • Kids have constant company- The kids will meet kids over there but having some readymade never hurts and ones who you know and trust are eve better! The kids will be delighted to have their cousins on holiday with them. 
  • Mix and matching- We are not suggesting you change kids over but you can alternate day trips and things you want to see. Usually family will all have to go but having extra members of family with you means you can do as you like when you like. Want to see the museum great! If the lads want to see the stadiums that is fine too! Everyone will be happy mixing their days and doing what they like best rather then been dragged place to place. 
  • Quality time together- Holidays are made for quality time and spending time with your sisters, brothers and cousins is a fab way to get to know each other better. Think of the memories they will have shared and the bonds it will build for life. It may not be plain sailing all the time but a holiday with family is worth thinking about even just this once!
Emma is a staff writer at Family Friendly HQ

Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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