The Best Rainy Day Activities For Summer

Using the words “rainy day” and Summer in the same sentence feels a little bit unnatural, but we live in Ireland and it is part and parcel of our little island after all. 

While we hope for lots of dry sunny days to enjoy outdoor activities with the kids, we must prepare for those days where the weather dictates the plans. 

This summer will certainly involve a couple of rainy days and when the kids are off school that can be a pretty stressful affair. 

We’ve put together some of our favourite rainy-day activities that will keep the kids and your wallet happy this summer. 

Start putting together a “Craft Bag” for rainy days.

A pick and mix or lucky dip of sorts. When you notice puzzles or colouring sets in the special buys section as you do your food shop, pick up a couple and start building a little collection for a day where the outdoors just isn’t an option.

Visit Mr Price or your local pound shop and pick up some super cheap toys that you can produce as a surprise on such an occasion. In the past, we’ve stashed away hot wheels cars, slime and army figurines that cost as little as €1.50. They won’t be amazing quality, but they’ll be worth their weight in gold when they keep the kids smiling for a couple of hours. 

The Best Rainy Day Activities For Summer

Make rice crispy buns.

It is so simple, only costs a couple of euro and the clean up is actually minimal. The best part of this activity is the different stages involved. Between the setting up, following the “recipe”, combining the ingredients, allowing them to set and finally enjoying them with their favourite TV programme, you’ve actually filled an entire afternoon. 

Netflix and chill.

Literally. Rather than their usual favourite TV shows (that often promote arguments) decide upon a movie as a family. There are so many movies that work for all ages and the promise of a couple of treats and snuggling up under the blanket will be a novelty in itself. You’ll probably enjoy this one just as much as the kids. 

Do a rainy day family project.

It’s the perfect opportunity for a family project. You could do a clothes clear out, a giant puzzle or a big organization job on the mountain of toys. Give each kid a special task and if they play their part in helping, they’ll get something very special at the end of the day when it’s done. 

Invite some friends over for a play date.

They are in the same boat as you, remember. The kids may as well be wrecking the house together. It’s a team effort -  you make the tea and their mum can bring the chocolate. It’s a great excuse for a natter. 

Visit your local library.

Even if going to the library is not something that you “do” as a family. There is a first time for everything and it’ll kill an hour or two and encourage a healthy activity. 

Have an indoor treasure hunt.

It can be as simple as hiding small items like paper clips, Lego and coins and giving a list to each child!

Tracey Quinn

Proud mum of two who got married on Don't Tell The Bride and had an accidental home-birth (loves a good story). She's passionate about breastfeeding, positive thinking & all things cosy.

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