You are not doing your kids any favours in the long run by letting them away with chores

As parents, we want to look after our children, care for them and allow them to have fun while they can but in some cases, we can take it too far and raise children who are not self-sufficient as mammy or daddy did everything for them.

Self-sufficiency is vital to a kid’s development and they will always benefit from understanding how to run a home as well as how to look after themselves for their future days in college. Rather than letting your kids play all day include them in the daily chores that inevitably must get done and don’t feel bad you are doing it for them whether they like it or not!

Here are a few chores that are age-appropriate for children of school-going age though you can start a few on the younger tots too!

  • Laundry - It isn’t hard to show your child the importance of separating colours and different fabrics while teaching them how to turn on the machine. While they may not take the clothes out of the machine correctly and have issues hanging them on the line eventually your child will learn the right way. However, they can’t if you continue to do it for them. 
  • Making beds - Making up beds can be a tedious task but with a little help it takes less time and is easier on everyone. Let the kids do the pillowcases while you do the bigger quilt change over and show them how to tuck everything in properly. 
  • Filling the dishwasher - Every child over the age of 4 should be able to pop their dirty dishes into the dishwasher and when it is full put it on for the cycle. Children can work many technology devices and the washing machine, dishwashers and dryers are more straight forward than a new tablet. 
  • Feeding the pets - If your kids wanted a pet it is good for them to take full responsibility for feeding them and caring for them properly. If the dog needs a walk sure you can bring them but your nippers can be included and help along the journey especially if the pooch poops on the pavement! 
  • Helping prepare dinner - Kids can learn how to chop up veg and with your watchful eye fry off meat and help make dinner delicious! As your kids grow and hit the teenager years it would be nice to be able to trust them to put on a basic dinner if you or the family are busy.
  • Hoovering - The hoover is plugged in and it sucks up all the dirt, it isn’t rocket science and any kid should be able to do this! 
  • Dusting and polishing - As long as there aren’t many ornaments that could get broken your child can polish and dust now and again. Mr Muscle does most of the work anyway! 
  • Tidying their bedrooms - Your children’s bedrooms can start to be cleaned by your kids from an early age. Granted mom or dad may have to do the final touches but it is never too early for them to start. 
  • Helping with siblings - While siblings may not always get along it is good to let your older kiddie watch over your youngster should you be busy preparing dinner or tidying up. It is a good way for your kids to learn about having responsibility. 

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