10 Simple Hacks For A Cleaner And Better Family Bathroom

The family bathroom is an epicentre of activity and the biggest arena for family conflict. 

Ah, the family bathroom. An epicentre of activity and the biggest arena for family conflict. If someone isn’t taking too long in the shower you can be sure that another is leaving the toilet seat up or creating modern art with toothpaste displays on the sink.

A family bathroom is a place where so many milestones happen. You’ve sat on that floor more times than you can count bathing and soothing blistered skin covered in chicken pox. Then there was that week of toilet training where you cried behind that door an embarrassing number of times. It is the room that literally requires a number system in the mornings.

It also just so happens to be your sanctuary. Going for a shower is a basic human need so is therefore never met with resistance and, boy, do you soak up every opportunity to do so. You lose yourself under that hot water and pretend you’re in a spa in the midst of a chaotic family life. You also like to sneak your phone in while you’re using the toilet. No judgement here – some of our best social media discoveries happen while sitting on the toilet. Pure and utter escapism.  

The family bathroom is one of the most utilised rooms in the house. For this reason, and due to its nature, it can be pretty darn filthy. Nobody enjoys scrubbing a toilet pot or scrapping toothpaste off the tiles but these things build up over time and simply have to be done. Your bathroom is a breeding ground for harmful bacteria so having a good hygiene strategy is very important.

Here are 10 simple hacks for a cleaner and better family bathroom all around.

1. Clean the shower while you’re in it.

It takes five minutes and can be done before you clean yourself so you’ll feel brand new afterwards. Pick up a non-toxic shower spray that you can simply spray, wipe and use the hose to rinse off.

2. Clean the surfaces while the kids are in the bath.

You know that five minutes of play time that tends to happen after you’ve cleaned the kids and washed their hairs? That is the perfect time to scrub the sink and toilet. Pick up a packet of anti-bacterial cleaning wipes and store them up high in the bathroom cupboard. The heat and steam from the bath will lift the dirt more easily too.  

3. Literally make a rule that towels cannot be thrown on to the ground.

So many of us do it ourselves and the kids follow suit. Hanging up a towel after you’ve used it or putting it on the radiator means it can be used again and won’t develop a damp funky smell. Place towel hooks at a lower level to encourage young kids to hang theirs up too.

4. Show the kids how to put the toilet roll into the holder/dispenser.

The absolute effort of taking those few minutes to do so but it’ll save you stress in the long run and they’ll feel super important when it’s their turn to replace one.

5. For larger families, consider a unit which allows for each family member to have their own cubby hole.

Stray razors, make-up wipes and bath toys now have a home and there is no longer a need for them to be dotted in every corner of the room.

6. Consider ditching the flushable toilet wipes.

Even though the packet says they’re OK to flush they could be fuelling your plumbing issues. I speak from experience.  

7. Pick up a small step tool so the kids can easily access the sink to brush their teeth and wash their hands.

It will encourage them to be independent and do these things without as much resistance.

8. To save space at the actual sink area (and for hygiene reasons) pick up a bathroom unit that has a drawer.

A simple cutlery drawer organiser could be the perfect home for each family member’s toothbrush. Chances are there will be enough separate spaces for each toothbrush as well as toothpaste and floss. It’s genius!

9.  To clean your shower head simply place it in a ziplock bag with white vinegar and a couple of drops of Zoflora.

It will remove any scum and limescale while leaving a lovely scent at the same time.

10. Use a drain hair-catcher to prevent clogged drains.

Prevention is always better than a cure. You’ll thank yourself for this one.  

Bonus Tip : We saw this hack on Charlotte Louise Taylor's Instagram and it kind of blew us away. So simple and yet so affective. We'll be taking this tip on board immediately to keep our bath/shower mats from getting grubby. Just stick it to the tiles on the wall - genius!     


Tracey Quinn

Proud mum of two who got married on Don't Tell The Bride and had an accidental home-birth (loves a good story). She's passionate about breastfeeding, positive thinking & all things cosy.

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