Reasons to love the teenager years

There are many advantages to having a teenager in the house

There are many advantages to having a teenager in the house.
I know teenagers are mostly moody, grumpy and dare we say quite annoying at times. However there are many upsides to having a teenager in the house!
They can earn their own money.
They can babysit or get a Saturday job that enables them to make some cash and stop begging you for handouts. That is a win win!
They can be a little on the lazier side, but will do anything for cash.
If they can’t find a little job, get them to do some jobs around the house like ironing, gardening and cleaning the microwave. If your teen thinks they will get a few bob they will be on it quick smart! Just agree on terms and conditions first.
Teenagers love to sleep in and hate early mornings.
For the very first time you will not get early morning wake up calls, in fact you may have to drag your teen from their bed screaming! Which can be difficult - these kids are no longer pocket sized bundles that are easily transported.
They like to eat in civilised restaurants and to relax/switch off.
Gone are the days when you could only eat in fast food restaurants as it meant a quick turnaround in a loud, safe, child friendly environment. Now these young adults love elegant dining and tasty grub, you can even have a coffee after food with dessert and not have to make a quick exit.
You can go to theme parks or museums.
As a family you can hit the serious theme parks and not just go on the spinning tea cups but the giant rollercoasters. Teenagers will like museums and won’t cause a scene when they aren’t allowed touch anything.
They have pastimes like to shopping or watching sport.
You can have a shopping buddy or a fellow spectator at a match. 
They can babysit.
If you have younger children and your teenager is responsible they can mind their siblings while you nip out to the shops or do an hours work. No one is suggesting you leave them all day but a quick spurt doesn’t hurt.
They can cook.
It is good to encourage young adults to cook and bake. This doesn’t just have to be the ladies, the gents are just as good at holding their own in a kitchen.
There you have it, while the teenager years can be trying on parents with a little communication and positivity they can be manageable and fun too. Giving them responsibilities will show your teen that you trust them and should even improve you relationship. 
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