How to avoid your child getting school burnout

It's hard to protect your child at all times but there are ways you can help them

The school year can be very stressful for kids who may suffer with anxiety caused by the pressure of school work. Every child suffers from stresses from time to time but when it is taking over their lives to the point when they aren’t sleeping well, are irritable and generally not in a good mood it is time to take action. We have a few ways to help your child avoid getting burnt out altogether and advice on how to help your child cope better with school life and the stress that it brings. 
  • Firstly talk to your child about how they think they are coping with the work load and if there is anything you can do to help them. Simple things like sitting down with them at homework time and organising their work and advising them on what best to do first and so on. They will learn the problem solving from you and be better able to organise themselves and leave time for play and fun.
  • Remind them that they can tell you anything and fully support their need to express themselves and share their worries. You can ensure that you talk about their day and what they found hard to learn in class and is there anything you can do to help their understanding of it. 
  • Focus on the positives rather than the negatives telling them how proud you are of them and their commitment to learning. If there is a subject they are struggling with remind your child that everyone has strengths and weaknesses in different areas and that is ok, they just might have to work a little harder in that area but as long as they try their best that is fine by you. 
  • Take a break with your child and go for a walk or a cycle to get some fresh air, exercise is known to de-stress people and make it fun. You could go to the park, throw a ball around for your dog or let them roller-skate, anything that raises a smile and lets them escape school work for a while. 
  • Rewarding your child for the work they put in and not on the results will show them what matters, some kids struggle in tests and would have put everything into studying for it and under pressure hit a blank. Congratulate them on their dedication and remind them that they can do better the next time and if they just relax and realise you won’t be mad at them they might do great.
  • Making your home a calm and peaceful environment as much as possible, remember kids mirror a lot of their parent’s behaviour. So if you are the type that is flying through the door and getting all hot and bothered about doing the housework it will soak into your kid. For now try to bury that side of you and let calmness and tranquillity seep from your body rather than sweat! (Easier said than done – we know) 
  • Getting a good night’s sleep and healthy diet to a long way to help them feel happier, positive and in control. 

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