Raising Gen Z Kids To Be Happy And Healthy

It is said that Gen Z kids are more depressed than any other generation that precedes them and the reasons for that are somewhat questionable.

It is said that Gen Z kids are more depressed than any other generation that precedes them and the reasons for that are somewhat questionable.
For those of you who don’t know, Gen Z kids are those that were born between 1995 – 2014. A time when digital changes were huge, this generation has grown up in an incredibly digitally-led world.  
Firstly, Gen Z kids get a lot of bad press for being lazy and this isn’t a fair tag. Yes, they use digital devices and rely upon them, but this doesn’t account for laziness. We know “in our day” things were different, but Gen Z are using technology in the same way we would have used the latest technologies available to us when we were young. Is their life easier because of this? Well, people are on the fence about this…
According to Dr Jean Twenge, professor of psychology at San Diego State University, she said that, psychologically, Generation Z are “more vulnerable than millennials were”. Teen depression and suicide rates have “skyrocketed” since 2011 and she said it’s “not an exaggeration to describe (Gen Z) as being on the brink of the worst mental-health crisis in decades”.
From this alone you can understand how much of a hard time Gen Zs are having; here are some tips to help them to be happier and healthier:
Turn off the phones
Phones are playing havoc on Gen Zs life as while millennials knew a life before Facebook, Gen Z know nothing else. Social media is very much a part of Gen Z kids lives and with it comes lots of pressure to be as cool as bloggers, celebrities and influencers. The unrealistic life of famous people can depress young Gen Zs and it is understandable why. With filters and the pressure to look picture perfect, the reliance on social platforms and selfies can make Gen Zs more at risk of mental health problems.
Get them to sleep
Young people’s habit of being online and connected constantly is, unsurprisingly, affecting sleep. Now Gen Zs are more tired than other generations as technology leaves no time to rest and there is the very real fear of missing out. It is important parents take phones off their young Gen Z kids to allow them to rest and recuperate before another busy day. They won’t love their parents for it, but it is vital to get enough rest. Turning away from phones is not the end of the world.
Get them to eat better and exercise
Gen Zs need to look after their physical and mental health and they can do this by eating well and steering away from energy drinks. The best thing for Gen Z’s is regular exercise and a healthy diet.
Talk to them
Consistent chats with parents/friends and family will improve their social skills and ensures they feel a part of a community too. It is imperative that Gen Z continue to talk person to person instead of online or through messaging apps. You can help your kid by having regular conversations with them and encouraging them to go out and see their friends.
Gen Z may be struggling under the pressures, but parents can help and together we can have happier Gen Z kids.

Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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