Nutrition For Healthy Teens And Happiness: Everything You Need To Know

Teens need plenty of nutrients to get through the teenage years and it makes all the difference to their health and happiness. 

Teens need plenty of nutrients to get through the teenage years and it makes all the difference to their health and happiness.
Wellbeing is something all parents should understand that is vital for their teenagers and it begins with the simple fundamentals of eating good and nutritious food while getting exercise as well.
Here are a few things to know about nutrition for healthy teens and happiness:
Teenagers should be aware of some basic nutrition basics and understand how they fuel the body:
  • Protein is a nutrient that is common is a teens diet, so it is rare that anyone would be deficient of it.
  • Carbohydrates get converted into the body's main fuel (glucose). Complex carbs provide the body with energy. Pasta is a good source of complex carbs.
  • Fat should not make up over 30% of the diet of a teenager. If teenagers eat too much fat, then they are at risk of putting on weight unless they are incredibly active. There are different types of fats and the healthiest is monounsaturated fat which is the healthiest kind, found in olives, olive oil and peanuts to name a few. Polyunsaturated fat is found in corn oil, sunflower oil and soybean oil. Saturated fat is well-known for being the most cholesterol-laden of the three fats. It is found in meat and dairy products like beef, pork, lamb, butter, cheese and cream to name a few.
  • Many teenagers don’t get their daily quotas of calcium or iron.
Teenagers love junk food and this is not a healthy option though the sugary foods give quick energy bursts. Too much can leave a teenager tired and it doesn’t help personal health.
How can teenagers eat better and feel better?
  • Stop eating too much sugar and resist temptations like energy drinks, sweets and crisps. Teenagers should try and drink water and eat a varied diet full of fresh fruit and vegetables. One of the biggest thing’s teenagers may be guilty of is skipping breakfast which is vital especially before school days.
  • However, the breakfast should be healthy and not sugary cereals. Like adults, teenagers can get the wrong impression and assume skipping meals will help them to lose weight – which it doesn’t. Lowering salt intake is another good tip and teens should eat with their family. Family meals should be healthy and cooked freshly without deep frying as it is terribly bad for health too.
  • Adopt a good attitude to food and enjoy a treat meal now and again but prioritise healthy eating for the rest of the time. Teens should be encouraged to cook themselves and learn how to put together healthy meals and snacks. Understand that eating well is all about balance and that if you eat well you will feel better for it. Many teens will notice eating less fat or sugars will improve their energy levels and their skin will be clearer too.
Overall healthy eating makes people feel better and happier about themselves. A sluggish teen will not have good confidence or motivation but with good nutrients and a healthy attitude to food, teens can feel amazing every day.
Emma Hayes is a thirty-something mum of two girls aged 16 and 10, planting her right into the teenage and tween-age years! Follow her on Twitter at @EmmaHayes25.

Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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