Must Read Tips For Successful Teen Parenting

Basically, you should do everything for them and then everything will be ok

If you have a teenager or are heading towards the teenage years this is probably must-read stuff for you. I don’t know whether you know this but teenagers can be quite a lot of work. You may have thought that you could parent them easily and that you have passed the difficult stages, but you haven’t. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but these teenagers will make you laugh and cry at times. Here are some tips for successful parenting and yes, this article is sarcastic and not entirely helpful, but it may make you laugh instead!
Don’t talk to your teenager unless you are spoken to
You know they just don’t want to talk to you and accept it! Don’t utter a word to them until they speak to you. Continue with caution and stop short of getting into a conversation at all. Don’t antagonise them, remember they are cool and you are quite simple, not cool. 
Feed them regularly
Make sure you rise early to make them their favourite type of breakfast. If this is pancakes, bacon or poached eggs – do it. Who cares if you must watch YouTube videos to upskill your culinary skills. Your teenager is worth it, and they need to eat well. Continue to refuel them with tasty snacks and food throughout the day and if they are in the kitchen looking for food, stop what you are doing and get them what they need. 
Buy them clothes, games and stuff when they want it
If they need new clothes bring them shopping. Even better give them your bank card and let them go online. They need quite a lot of games and of course, the latest tech devices which you should give to them, so they can boast the latest tech devices. If there is anything else, be reciprocal to their needs and get it as quickly as possible. 
Don’t ask any questions
Just don’t. That’s all I will say; these teenagers don’t need your questions even when they are going out or you are wondering about their study. Don’t ask – just leave them be. Go back to number one for further guidance! 
Wash and clean all their clothes before they need them again.
Even if it means entering their room and grabbing the clothes yourself. Make sure you gather them quickly and get them washed before they will need them again. Teenagers are busy, and they don’t need to waste time searching for clothes on the floor that they left there themselves for a week. It isn’t their problem. When they need the clothes, they should be there so help them. Don’t be lazy about it!
Don’t ban technology devices
Just don’t, as they don’t need the stress of not having their much-loved devices to hang onto for hours. Teenagers need to be constantly online and available for their friend’s latest snaps and Insta stories. God forbid they miss something. Have a heart and leave them be. 
Clean their bedroom
Teenagers don’t need to be worrying about things like cleaning their room and you should do this for them. Before their friends come over don’t forget to do a good run down and tidy up. Get a few candles lit, make snacks for the teenager’s arrival and have the place in tip top condition for them. Don’t show yourself up by not having these things done. Remember your teenager is busy and they don’t need any hassle. 
Basically, you should do everything for them and then everything will be ok. 
Written by Emma Hayes staff writer at Family Friendly HQ.

Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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