Everything you need to know about your teenager getting a job

At some stage all teens will want to earn a few bob 

There will come a time when your teenager will want to get a new job especially if they want to have their own money and be self-sufficient.
Babysitting suits some teenagers but for others they want to do a day job and get out of the house or they may not be great with youngsters! Either way before your teenager starts their job there is a few things they should know and do…
  • Write a great Curriculum Vitae- If your teenager wants to apply to jobs he/she must have a good C.V to pass onto perspective employers. Attaching a cover note is advisable and making each application unique is key to catching an employer’s attention. If it is a coffee shop they are applying to your teen could write about their interest in coffee or that they like to work as part of a team. 
  • Be proactive and get your teen out looking for a job- A job may not always be advertised so it is recommended that your teen should drop into local shops and ask if there are any positions available. Have the C.V on hand and remind your teen to be bubbly and polite. 
  • Go to the interviews and make an impression- Give your teenager some information regarding what an employer asks and practice at home beforehand. Preparation is key before an interview and getting your kid to look at the employer’s business and do some background work will mean they have an insight into the business. 
  • The next steps- Hopefully your teen will get a position quickly and once they have you must ensure they have a bank account and their pps number at hand to give to their new employer. Once your kid starts their job you may have to contact the Tax office to sort out their taxes and from then on in it should be plain sailing. 
  • The rules of the job- On your teens first day ensure they know how to behave in a workplace environment, tell them to be honest and to work hard. Tell them to respect their bosses and to do what is asked of them but to be truthful if they are finding any task hard. Your teenager should know to arrive early before their shift and to wear the proper uniform as well as being clean and presentable. 
  • Think of the future- This may only be a summer job for your teen but remind them that this employer could serve as a reference in future years and making a good impression is vital. Be grateful for the opportunity and tell your teen to work hard for their employer at all times as these are the best attributes to have when working. 
  • Be responsible- Your teenager will now be earning their own money but you should encourage them to save or at least look after their school lunches during the week for school. This will teach them how to manage their money and take responsibility for their finances. They may even begin to appreciate the cost of items that were given freely from the bank of mam and dad! 
Written by Emma Hayes, staff writer at Family Friendly HQ


Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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