Disability Access Route to Education (DARE)

Our career guidance expert give the low down on completing forms for disability access to colleges

Third-level colleges have a disability or access service which is responsible for giving support and advice to students with disabilities. Disability Access Route to Education is known as The “DARE application” provides access to college students with a disability or specific learning difficulty. 
How it works
On your CAO form there is a section listing the DARE option and a tick box. Once the box is ticked you will be directed to a section where supplementary information is required.
This section is divided into 3:
  • Section A asks for information on your disability, supports received at second level and the impact on your education. It also asks if you wish to be considered for DARE.
  • Section B asks for a second level academic reference to be completed by your school.
  • Section C is an evidence of disability form which must be completed by a recognised medical consultant or specialist
Once accepted, you then compete for the reduced point places. A reduced point place means that you may get a place on a third-level course with fewer than the full CAO points.
DARE Deadlines, here are some important deadlines:
November 2014 - the online application facility for 2015 opens.
1 February 2015 - your main application must reach the CAO by 5.15 p.m.
1 March 2015 - the following 3 items must reach the CAO by 5.15 p.m.
  • Tick the DARE box on the CAO form
  • Complete Section A (questions 1-4) of the Supplementary Information Form.
  • Indicate that you wish to be considered for DARE by ticking 'Yes' on question 1.
1 April 2015, the rest of the Supplementary Information Form must reach the CAO by 5.15 p.m. These are:
  • Section B (the second-level academic reference)
  • Section C (evidence of a disability)
Please remember that no late applications will be accepted so keep note of all these dates. You be notified by post by the end of June 2015
Here are some useful links:
http://accesscollege.ie/dare/ all you need to know about DARE
http://www.ahead.ie  all you need to know about accessing college with a disability
Please note, you must also be aged under 23 on 1 January 2015.

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