Choosing the right subjects for your child's career path

Our career guidance expert's guide to choosing subjects for the leaving cert.

  • Take 7 subjects
  • Take the subjects you like – subjects you like are subjects you will do well in.
  • Take higher level in as many as possible
  • Check matriculation requirements for colleges
  • Check subject requirements for college courses 
MATRICULATION REQUIREMENTS (may change from year to year)
FOR LEVEL 8 (Hons) Degree - 6 subjects - 2 Hons.
To include: English, Maths, Irish and /or EU language. (Unless exempt.)
FOR LEVELS 6 and 7, (Ord.) Degree - 5 subjects at O level 
To include: Maths, English or Irish.
  • TCD require - 3 Hons in the 6 Matric subjects incl. Irish or EU language
  • UCD, NUIM, other NUI’s – Irish and EU language except for Engineering, Science and Social Science (2015) Degrees. (maths OD3)
  • NCAD – - - - Irish, EU language or Art Colleges of Education - Irish Hons. - no EU language
  • DIT – All degrees - Irish or English - no EU language
  • RCSI - as NUI - Irish and EU language
  • UCD Med. Vet, Physio, Radiog, Health Sc., Biomed.- Irish and EU language.
COURSE REQUIREMENTS (may change from year to year)
General information
  • UCD :Laboratory Science Subjects are - Agricultural Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, PhysChem., Geography, Applied Maths.
  • TCD - Maths and Geog. are on the list of subjects from which 2 must be presented for Science, Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmacy, Earth Sciences.
  • Maths may be 1 of the 2 science subjects required for Human Genetics, Nanoscience and Physiotherapy
  • Give your chosen subjects a chance in Sept by having a good and consistent study plan.
  • If something is not working out seek help immediately.
  • Keep up your sports, other extra-curricular activities and social life in balance with school.
  • Bear in mind that the Leaving Cert. is a 2 year course and requires 2 years work. Encourage 5th years to take the career/course research opportunities that arise throughout the year to further their knowledge 
Subjects and Careers
: Lawyer, Doctor, Teacher, Engineer, Computer programmer, Business, Management, Sales, Marketing and Advertising, Scientific work and Academic fields.
Subjects: English, History, Languages, Link Modules, Music, Art, Religious Education.
Careers: Science, Engineering, Architecture, Business, Finance, Sales forecasting, Banking, Accounting, Surveying, Joinery, Laboratory work.
Subjects: Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Applied Maths, Accounting, Economics.
Reason with abstract ideas. Perceive patterns among complex elements and relationships.
Careers: Technical Maintenance, Design, Management (how complex organisation fit together). 
Subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Music, History, Art, Applied Maths.
Careers: Clerical work, Data entry, Coding, Computer Programming, Laboratory work, Accountancy
Subjects: All subjects, for exam performance
Careers: Motor mechanic, Gas/Industrial fitter, Production/Civil engineer, Aero-engineer, Surveyor, Electrician, Carpenter, Machine operator, Product Designer and Builder. 
Subjects: Physics, Applied Maths, Construction Studies, Engineering, Technology, Design and Communication Graphics.
Careers: Architecture, Design, Technical Drawing, Dentistry, Fine arts, and Technical or Craft work 
Subjects Art, Home Economics, Design and Communication Graphics, Construction Studies, Engineering, Technology. 
Recognize correct or incorrect spelled common English words. Used for English and writing courses. 
Subjects:  All Science, Business, Languages, History, Geography, Home Economics, RE, Music, Art.
Communication, either Written or Verbal. Management, Teaching, Medicine, Law, Accountancy, Media, Radio, TV, Journalism, Clerical, Administrative work. 
Subjects: Business, Language, History, Geography, Home Economics, RE, Music, Art.
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