The Many Stages Of Shopping With A Teenager

If you have a teenager, you will be aware of their little ways and how they can be incredibly difficult at times...

If you have a teenager, you will be aware of their little ways and how they can be incredibly difficult at times but weren’t we all huh?! Once they want to go shopping it can bring out an unsightly sweat out in you, as you struggle to manage the shops with your teenager. Of course, you probably think this is an overreaction, but the shops and teenagers are a battlefield, a place where you go in full of hope and leave downtrodden and full of receipts!
The many stages of shopping with a teen are arduous and tough so here it goes:
  • Walking the walk - Yes, shopping with a teen means a lot of walking. Walking around shopping centres or on the high street. It is advised you wear comfy shoes and bring adequate drinks and snacks for the workout that this day will be!
  • Considerations - Your teenager has now visited all the shops in the vicinity but has absolutely nothing – not one bloody top or jeans! Of course, you would think you could go home, blame the lack of fashion in stores and accept your kid may have to wear tracksuits forever but your teen has other ideas…
  • Revisiting - Well, how could you expect them to leave after seeing ALL the shops? Now, you must revisit and reconsider all the options set out, as before… You know like half an hour ago when it wasn’t suitable but now it kinda might be if I get this or that kinda thing! You get me?! I am not sure I get me, but this is the truth so those shops your teen refused point blank to shop in are now fair game! 
  • Changing room fun - Hanging around changing rooms is a pain in the backside but when you are waiting for a teen it is ridiculous. You know they won’t let you near them to see the stuff, but they still want you outside but not too far in case anyone sees them – the shame! You must LIKE the outfit. Yes, this isn’t for consideration. You bloody well like it; ok? 
  • Fashion show runway - No teen wants to take the first thing and there will need to be some mix and matching or further considerations and style discussions. But don’t worry, you have your snacks and if you are smart you will have a wine trip planned later in the evening with friends because you deserved it!
  • Price checking - Next is the price checking, you may have given your teen a budget but come on; they are going to blow it wide open and you are too weak to refute it as you just want to go HOME! Home where there is no shops and no teenager nagging you about the “must have” jeans of the season. 
  • Arguments - Following on from the price budget that was not adhered to, you will have a little word with your teenager. They may need to do a chore at home or help with something but, of course, this isn’t acceptable. Clothing is a human right and as parents, we must dress our kids! Isn’t it great when the teenagers get smart and like know stuff?! 
  • Hot chocolate and cake run - Your poor teenager will be hungry and while you nibbled on snacks in between the fashion show your teenager grew hungry and couldn’t possibly make it home without something to eat. Namely a hot chocolate and some sort of expensive cake because you are on a shopping day after all and hasn’t it been fun mum? 
Written by Emma Hayes staff writer at FFHQ.

Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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