Teenager Temptations - Everything You Need To Know

Whether you want to consider this or not teenagers will be faced with temptations during their adolescence.

Whether you want to consider this or not teenagers will be faced with temptations during their adolescence.
It is unavoidable and though you may consider your teenager a “good kid” it doesn’t mean they won’t be tempted by things they encounter.
The reality is peer pressure is a huge part of an adolescents’ life and these pressures could lead them into temptation through no fault of their own or they could be the instigator of such things; who knows? Parents need to be aware and actively discuss this to avoid issues in the future. Your teenager will no doubt want to avoid this type of conversation, but it is inevitable, dodging it will only cause problems later.
Drugs are a potential danger to any teenager and teaching them about them is the only way you can ensure they are aware of the dangers. Trying dangerous things is sometimes the biggest appeal of doing drugs and if your teenager encounters them they need to know that if caught they may face a criminal record. Furthermore, their own health is at risk. Don’t avoid it and research drug addiction on the internet and show them photos and articles on drug abuse. This will bring home the terrifying reality of drugs.
Teenagers will be tempted by drinking alcohol, as a temptation this is one that your teenager will likely fall into. Again, remind them about the dangers of alcohol especially when binge drinking. Teach your child about drinking responsibly but as drinking under 18 is against the law they should avoid it till they come of age. Teenagers will consider drinking as funny as their friends may drink and do silly things but again, this puts them at risk.
Sex isn’t something any parent wants to consider their child doing, but they will do it at some stage but obviously the later the better. This is where you need to have the conversation on sex and protection reminding your teen that if they are planning on sexual activity that they should be responsible and take measures to avoid pregnancy whether they are a boy or a girl. Not only that but there are STD’s to consider too and your teenager may not be aware of these nasty infections or diseases. As sexual consent is a big issue now, a simple sex conversation is needed regarding what warrants consent and how to protect themselves against sexual abuse.
There are many more temptations to consider, social media, sexting, bullying and doing what currently is regarded as cool. For whatever the temptation is, your teenager should know that any partaking in such activities will warrant a huge amount of grounding and restrictions of freedom. Honesty is expected, and trust is something that all parents and teenagers need to keep the relationship healthy. Don’t refuse to accept that your teenager will not do any of these things, the hope would be that they won’t, but some will sooner than you imagine.  
Good luck.
Written by Emma Hayes, Staff Writer, with Family Friendly HQ.

Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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