Sleepover etiquette: is your tween/teen going on one soon?

We have put together a list of things to consider before you send your kiddies off packing.

If you are parents of tweens or teens you will find you may start getting invites to sleepovers for your child.
This can be a worrying time as you may not be sure of the dos and don’ts of a sleepover and it is a big step for your child even if your kid doesn’t think it is. Here at FFHQ we have put together a list of things to consider before you send your kiddies off packing.
Do you know the family? - From a parent point of view if you already have met the family who has invited your kid it will make you feel more assured of their safety. If you don’t know the parents maybe call them to get an idea of their plans for the evening and night and go with your gut instinct before accepting the invitation.
Who else will be attending? - You may trust your child but there will be other guests so ask the parents who else will be sleeping over. There may be a kiddie on the guest list who you may think is a bad influence or they may not get on well with your child, so to avoid any conflicts be sure to consider this before making your final decision.
Communicate with the family hosts- Once you have agreed that your child can attend the sleepover, ask them about bed linen and what your child may need to bring? For instance if the weather is good they may take out the paddling pool so your nipper will need a bathing suit. 
Send your kid with everything he/she will need- Supervise the packing of the bag as sometimes they will over pack and throw a lot of stuff into the bag that isn’t needed. Include a toothbrush, socks, underwear, a change of clothes, pyjamas and any item your child needs to go asleep like a stuffed teddy. If your child has any allergies tell the parents and if your kid takes any medicines be sure to include them in their bag. As a footnote remind your child that they are a guest and to behave properly and to be mannerly and respect the families wishes while in their home. 
Tell your child to call if they want you- Make sure that you are available on their sleepover night in case your child decides they want to come home or if they are feeling nervous sleeping in another house. That call could come at any time and make sure your kiddie knows that it is no problem and if they have a mobile let them take it with them if they feel embarrassed to ask the hosts themselves to call you. 
Agree on a pick up time and don’t be late- Sleepovers are tiring affairs and you can be guaranteed the hosts parents will be exhausted as well as the kiddies themselves. Be a good guest parent and arrive on time to collect your kid, sure the kids probably won’t have slept at all so be prepared for some moodiness! 
Overall  tell them to enjoy and who knows the next sleepover could be held at your house with you guys hosting! Good luck xx
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Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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