How to easily tick off your teenager

Any parent of a teenager will know only too well how easily you can annoy your teenager without even trying that hard!

Any parent of a teenager will know only too well how easily you can annoy your teenager without even trying that hard! Teenagers can be difficult, but they do have their advantages too like their ability to sleep loads and their innate honesty.
Here is a fool-proof way to tick off your teenagers by doing the below. Of course, there are probably loads more ways to do it and be sure to let us know in the comments. 
Forget to make dinner- It happens! Sometimes parents are so busy that they forget to make the dinner and say the words no teenager ever wants to hear “You can help yourself to the freezer and cupboards” cue eyerolls and stomping. You see a teenager loves their grub but that doesn’t necessarily mean they want to cook for themselves – though they know how to. They just expect a three-course meal handed up to them regularly and by golly should you give it to them to avoid an argument!
Don’t wash their important clothes- Of course, the all-important clothes were left in their bedroom buried under a pile of god knows what and you should have gone in, retrieved the clothes, washed them and returned them ironed and all! Your teenager doesn’t care that you are banned from their bedroom or that you have no clue how to brave their bedroom for fear of toxic inhalation. Once your teenager needs clothes and the ones they want to wear, they will expect them to be where they want them – in the wardrobe ready to put on!
Talk to them too much- They don’t mind a small bit of chit-chat, but they certainly don’t want to have the bants without them initiating it first. Teenagers will talk when they want to talk so by asking too many questions or over talking you could tick them off!
Close your wallet- Make no mistake your teenager loves money and teens these days are all about coffee trips, eating out and cinema dates! This adds up and unless your teenager has a job it could be the “bank of mom and dad” being hit financially. If you say no to them they will of course, be terribly put out. 
Tell them to get into/out of the shower – Yes, teenagers may not like getting into the shower or they too may spend way too much time in the shower either. It is a minefield and teens will not want to hear they have used all the water or that they should get into shower as they stink. This is a good way to annoy them. 
Say “no” – They don’t want you to say “no” to them. They don’t care that you think it isn’t right that they go to a concert with a load of mates even if they have parents collecting them. It doesn’t feel safe to you and you will tick your teenager off, but you must follow your own beliefs. 
Teenagers are funny like that and they won’t like a lot of things, but they aren’t all bad either. At least they can change their own bums and they sleep all night or stay up all night – whatever!    
Written by Emma Hayes, Staff Writter at Family Friendly HQ

Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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