13 things you MUST know to survive the teenage years

Because teething and nappy rashes are a walk in the park in comparison

Teenagers are hard work and if you thought it was difficult when they were babies, this group will test parenting at a whole new level.
Teenagers are at the awkward stage when they think they know it all and like to flex their independence muscles and can on occasion leave you frazzled and stressed. Here are some hard truths about teenagers 
  • Slagging off a teenager or being sarcasticis not ok end of story. 
  • Family time isn’t something they want to take part in as it is not only boring but also somewhat embarrassing hanging around the park with the oldies and siblings. 
  • Unless you are texting your teenager to tell them you have money, food or a gift they do not want to hear from you. 
  • Texting is an acceptable form of communication, calling is not. This is also appropriate if you are in the same house at the same time. Yep really it is. Oh and adding in a hashtag always help #justsaying
  • No matter how cool you think you are as a parent in some teenagers eyes you are anything but! 
  • Family occasions are the most excruciating events especially when Aunt Mag wants to drag them around the dance floor pulling their arms around manically!
  • Having a tidy room just isn’t important instead they like to look well and have the best of clothes but when they leave them on the floor for days and haven’t gotten them washed it is a hundred percent your fault. 
  • If a teenager chooses to be moody you must accept it without question. 
  • If you agree to all your teenagers demands, you will be duly ignored and left in peace but if you deny their demands you will be duly ignored (again) but most definitely not left in peace.  
  • In the case of house chores, they must be written down clearly for a teenager to read and you must also remind them 20 times a day. A teenager will not respond to any idle threats regarding said chores but will absolutely and at all times respond to bribes.
  • Even the best of teenagers will not want to babysit their siblings and will do anything to avoid being lumbered with them. Of course they will mind other people’s kids and be perfectly nice to their little ones. 
  • Your teenager will adore their dog or their cat but that doesn’t mean you should expect them to feed them or look after them in any way! 
  • If you are going clothes shopping for them your teen will fly around the shops eager to spend money and smiling all the time. Take your teen to do a grocery shop and they will complain, grunt and groan all the way around and this is perfectly fine as you shouldn’t have dragged them along anyway! 
Teenagers huh! 
Written by Emma. Emma is a writer with Family Friendly HQ and also writes her own parenting musings over at www.emmasmadjotters.com


Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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