9 Things Never to Say to a Kid Sitting Their Leaving Cert

These are some of the worst things you can say to a highly stressed teen!

Exam Season has started and for those families living in this bubble, it’s a tough time for all.
It’s an emotional, nerve wracking time. As parents we try our best to be supportive, but can never really say the right thing at the right time and it can sometimes do more harm than good. In fact, the wrong thing said and it’s a sure-fire way of starting an argument and a few doors banging. So we take a look at some of the worst things that anyone can say to a teen sitting their exams (in their minds). 
Arm anyone that comes into contact with an exam student with this list, and it should help:
"Don’t worry pet. It’s not a big deal honey- it’s only a bit of paper."
You may as well tell them to ‘relax’ and we all know never to tell someone to ‘relax’ when they are anything but relaxed!
"Remember how well your brother did in his-you’ll be the same!"
Never mention siblings, relations or draw any comparisons to little Tommy down the road!
"At least the exams are much easier now." 
You may as well have said that these days they more or less give out the answers with the questions!
"It's lucky you chose easy subjects." 
We’re not even going to go there defending this one
“I’m sure you did your best." 
Patronising, with subtle tones of disappointment. That’s how this one will be interpreted. Throw in words like ‘it’s grand’ and ‘fine’ and it’s like matches to a bonfire!
Comments relating to any kind of 'brain food' ideas.
Eating fish pie the night before an exam- really?! Advice on sleep can also be equally annoying, especially when it’s mixed in with "be sure to keep revising" and "Pet, don't stay up all night revising."
"Will I test you on any questions?"
Good intentions meant, what could go wrong? One word: everything! You're going to ask the wrong questions or ask them in a different way. Then one of you will get annoyed! There’s that door: Bang!
Any kind of age old phrases like these ones- steer well clear of:
"Success only comes before work in the dictionary".
"Fail to prepare, prepare to fail".
“'If you don't know it by now...'”
The worst is definitely:
 "Are you nervous?" 

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