15 Teenage Disco Memories: Funny!

You've got to remember some of these! 

Do you know all the moves to Saturday Night by Whigfield?
If so, you probably attended a teenage disco or two. No matter the decade, whatever the city or the town they were the highlight of the week or the month!
Do any of these ring any bells?
  • The unglamorous settings – school halls, sports halls, community centres
  • Big box, little box dance moves
  • Juicy Fruit Gum
  • Girls: Pan Stick Makeup, Exclamation perfume/White Musk and Heather Shimmer lipstick
  • Lads: Lynx spray, Blue Dax and Joop aftershave
  • The Slow Set (all 3 songs of nerves and excitement)
  • Foam Machines if it was a ‘big’ disco
  • Break dancing
  • Ben Sherman shirts for the lads
  • For the girls it was an outfit for leaving the house in (to be swapped for ‘another’when you reached your friend’s house)
  • 'The Supervisors' in illuminous high viz jackets and a torch
  • Will you ‘shift’ or ‘get off’ with my friend?
  • The weekly fight outside the venue
  • Bag of chips on the walk home versus the shame of being collected by your parents
  • The rumors the next day… who got with who!
And now for a dance - come on- you know the moves x


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