Easy Valentine Craft Ideas With Kids

Considering we are fifteen plus years married (I’ve lost track) and have two demanding and loving kids, Valentine’s Day has become less about me and him and more about us as a family.

And what better way to show love than to get lost in red and pink paper and plenty of heart shapes. Here are some super cute Valentine craft ideas everyone can pull off.

Valentine Cards

A must! Quite simply, it’s not Valentine’s Day without a handmade card. Gather together stickers, markers, glitter, and let the kids loose on the red, pink, or white card as they make cards for everyone they love.

Valentine Heart Garlands

A simple wreath or garland made by sticking cut out heart shapes onto a strip of paper is one of the easiest crafts for kids (with a little prep from us). Tie a red string to the top so the garland or wreath can be hung on a door.

Simple Valentines Crafts That Kids Will Love

Tissue Paper Bouquet

Flowers, chocolates, and cards: The Valentine trifecta! A beautiful bouquet made from colourful tissue paper can really brighten up our day when little hands make them. Simply use pipe cleaners, pink, purple, and red tissue paper, and after making accordions out of the folded paper, gently stretch the paper to make a flower. Some green paper can be used as leaves. Et voila - a handful of posies!

Origami Heart Bookmark

A thoughtful and beautiful gift for kids from kids this Valentine’s Day is an origami heart bookmark. All you need is a square colourful piece of paper in red or pink, and scissors. There are a few ways to make these heart bookmarks so find a tutorial online that suits the style you are looking for.

Fingerprint Cherry Blossom Tree

Fingerpainting and kids go hand in hand. Why not set them up with red and pink paint to add their fingerprints to a cherry blossom tree? This can be a sweet and thoughtful gift for parents and grandparents. Simply draw a tree using a brown or black marker and fill the branches with fingerprints for cherry blossoms.

Yarn Hearts

This simple craft will have the kids settled and happy in this fun craft. Using a sturdy piece of card, cut out a heart shape. Then it’s simply a matter of wrapping the yarn around the cardboard until the heart is full and no cardboard can be seen.

Heart Cake Toppers

Treats need decorations too. Grab some skewers or toothpicks and attach decorated cardboard hearts to them before setting the table with your Valentine cupcakes.

Valentine Popsicle Frame

A wonderful gift this Valentine’s Day is a homemade frame made out of ice pop sticks and buttons. Simply glue the ice pop sticks into a square shape, and glue the red, pink and white buttons to the frame. Don’t forget to add a special photo to complete your wonderful Valentine craft.

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