Questions kids love to ask

One of the most unexpected parts of parenting is the amount of questions that you answer on a daily basis!

Did your child ever ask you something that you honestly had no answer for? On a daily basis they can stump you and while you want to try to answer honestly, sometimes it is too difficult.
Here are some of the questions kids love to ask, some silly and some serious. We will try our best to answer them in the best way possible. These have come up in our house a few times and here where my responses! They are so inquisitive.
Why aren’t there dinosaurs anymore? A very long time ago scientists think an asteroid or meteor from space, hit earth with such a force it blew their world up and blocked out light from the sun. Unfortunately the dinos didn’t survive. But we have all their bones to study and that’s how we know they existed before us.
Why are there so many languages? The Earth is a huge place and lingos change in different areas, it makes every place more distinctive and isn’t it fun learning new languages?
Why is that man living on the street? We are lucky to have a nice home and food to eat. However some people aren’t as fortunate as us. It is important that we treat everyone with respect no matter where they live, they are all important people.
Why do grown ups cry? Sometimes big people get sad and they need to let the sadness out. It might not be because they hurt themselves but maybe just because they had a bad day. It is good to cry and it can make you feel better.
Why does my friend have more toys then me? All children have different things and some have more toys than others. What matters is that you enjoy what you do have and be grateful that you have such nice things.
Why is she sick? People get ill all the time and mostly they get better but sometimes, and you don't have anything to worry about, they don’t no matter how much the Doctor helps them. This is why we need to be nice to all our family and friends and show them how much we love them everyday.
Why do I have to invite her to my party? Not inviting this little boy or girl to your party might really upset them. You wouldn’t want them to be sad would you? Think how you would feel if you were left out of a party.
Where do babys come from? A man and a woman fall in love like Mammy and Daddy and then the lady grows the baby in her belly and when the baby is ready it arrives on the slide. 
Why do I have to do homework? When you are in school your teacher will give you homework so she can check that you understand what you have learnt. It also means Daddy or Mammy can see what work you are doing and make sure you are getting on ok in school.
Why doesn’t their Mammy live with their Daddy? Every family is different. Sometimes Mammys’ and Daddys might not live together anymore but they still love their kids so very much.
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