Mum Gets Nostalgic: Things I miss about school.

At the time though I couldn’t wait to grow up and be free.

Apparently school is the best days of your life and for once I am in agreement, but at the time I couldn’t wait to grow up and be free.
However, that was before I started working and realised otherwise. Sure there were times when I hated school, if I had disagreements with other school mates or didn’t like my teacher but in hindsight it wasn’t so bad. Here are a list of things I miss about my school days even though I never thought I would!
  • Shiny shoes- Who didn’t love patent black shoes? There were so many types to choose from and the first day of school girls would be showing them off to each other. The boys weren’t so fashion conscious and as long as they could race after kids in their shoes they were happy.
  • Lots of friends- There were about 25 kids in your class and you counted them all as friends at least until you got older and bonded with a number of kids. You hung out in school, after school and on the weekends and it was just you and them all the time. Now you have to schedule time with your pals as having a job and a family doesn’t allow you as much free time, hell we are lucky to see our best mates once every couple of months! 
  • School yard games- Though now a lot of schools are banning skipping ropes, balls and any other potentially hazardous games in our day we were allowed run wild on break time. We had tennis balls, hula hoops and bouncy balls to keep us entertained, if it was raining we would be horrified willing the clouds to recede so we could get out and play for those few but crucial minutes of pure bliss.
  • Sports day- One whole day was designated for sports day and it would be brilliant fun pitting yourselves against your class mates. In some games you all had to work together and it really fostered the team spirit in the class. Everyone had a great day and wouldn’t it be nice if work places allowed a sports day to help build team rapport however sadly that isn’t the case and if I need exercise now I have to join a class or go for a jog alone!
  • School plays- School plays weren’t for everyone, for the shy types it was a living nightmare but for the little performers it was an amazing experience to flex their acting muscles. Most importantly with all the rehearsing there was less time in the class and whether you were playing a minor or major role everyone loved free classes!
  • Nice teachers- Unless you were really unlucky most of the time the teachers were lovely, sure they could be strict but as long as you worked away they didn’t give you a hard time. Some teachers you will still remember from your younger years and they can have a lasting memory on you and thankfully in my case it is good memories.
  • Extra-curricular activities- The fun didn’t end when the bell rang and when we were free to leave, you could do activities after school if you wanted to. There was lots of different sports teams, choir, music and debating all provided to release your inner talents and once again along with your pals this made for a great experience.
  • Cool stationery- All kiddies love stationery even if they aren’t very studious they will revel in having cool rubbers, pencils and remember fancy paper? If you wanted to you could swap stuff though Mammy told you not to but hey where is the fun in having the same things all the time?
Ah the school days were brilliant however try telling my kids that!
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Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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