5 Ways To Round Off The School Year And Embrace The Summer Break

As the school year officially comes to a close this week, we want to mark it.

When our children started school in September 2019 nobody could have predicted the way their school year would end. It is surreal to look back on March 12th and remember the announcement of school closures. Little did we know that our children would not step in their school until the beginning of another school year in September 2020.

As the school year officially comes to a close in a couple of days, we want to mark the occasion in a special way. The world of school and home have been so intrinsically connected for the past three months. It has been difficult to switch off or in recent weeks perhaps switch on when the schooling is taking place in your home environment.

We want to have a nice summer and most importantly we want it to feel like a summer. We want it to feel like a break from school. School life and September 2020 will look a little different than the school we once new. For this reason we need to take a break and come up for air so that we can properly embrace a new school year after the summer. Here are 5 ways to round off the school year so you can forget about learning for a couple of weeks.

Have A Mini Sports Day

During this last week of school many of our children would have been enjoying their much anticipated sports day. For many children, and indeed families, it is a real symbol of one school year coming to an end. Why not pick a day, create a little itinerary and have a little sports day to round off the school year.

During this last week of school many of our children would have been enjoying their much anticipated sports day.

Go On A Little "School Tour"

The annual school tour is another momentous occasion for our children. It is so exciting to take a packed lunch to a new and exciting place with their school pals. There are some virtual tours available online but now that many parks are open to the public you could put your creative hat on and have a themed park date. Chances are your local park has some kind of heritage/historical element. It may have statues, an old house or some walled gardens to admire. Pack a special lunch box and enjoy a family day out to celebrate the end of the school year.

Have A Mini Graduation

You may have children of different ages and school levels in your home. Why not have a little party some day this week with special goodies and some homemade certificates to congratulate each child on finishing another school year.

Thank Your Teacher

Children come to expect the end of year thank you to their beloved teacher. It may come in the form of a card, a gift or simply some words. Thanking their teacher for their efforts during this especially challenging year is a great way to round off the school year.

Clear Away The School Stuff

Chances are an area (or areas) in your home have become a strange mix of school/craft/stationary. You've got times tables on one side and an egg carton on the other (you had great plans to craft with it, we feel you). There's pencils under the kitchen table and pom poms in places that pom poms should never be found. It's time to take your house back and de-clutter the spaces that had to become school in March 2020.

Tracey Quinn

Proud mum of two who got married on Don't Tell The Bride and had an accidental home-birth (loves a good story). She's passionate about breastfeeding, positive thinking & all things cosy.

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