Eight Of The Best Podcasts For Kids To Listen To

We have all fallen in love with podcasts over the last few years. Not only are they engaging, enlightening, and funny, but they also give us the flexibility to get on with other things as we listen to them in the background.

But podcasts are not just for us adults. There are plenty of podcasts out there for kids which are a welcome diversion from the TV or video games.

The best podcasts for kids are everything we would look for ourselves – educational, entertaining, and funny – and we have some of the greatest podcast suggestions for you right here to help give kids a break away from the screen.

'The Past And The Curious'

'The Past And The Curious' is a history podcast the whole family can get on board with. Here, history is told in an interesting, funny, and inspirational way with excellent comedic actors who know exactly how to tell a story.

'Story Seeds'

The 'Story Seeds' podcast is an incredible collaboration between young writers and best-selling children’s authors who work together to grow their ideas into original stories.

'Wow In The World'

Hosted by Guy Raz and Mindy Thomas, 'Wow In The World' travels deep into the news stories of the world in an excellent kid-friendly manner. They cover all things science, technology, and innovation with reason, comedy, and debate.

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'Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls'

The incredible success of the book 'Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls' has led to the podcast of the same name. Referred to as a fairytale podcast, it covers stories about extraordinary women in history and the modern world in short poignant episodes.

'But Why?'

'But Why?' is a podcast for curious kids answering all of the questions about things we simply must know more about. Host Jane Lindholm satisfies and encourages the curiosity of little minds by tackling questions from regular kids as they send in their questions.

'Noodle Loaf'

This musically-themed podcast is a wonderful way to get kids interested and learn about science. These short episodes with silly songs are great fun and educational for younger minds.

'Book Club For Kids'

Not only a great introduction to the concept of a book club, but this podcast encourages kids to get stuck into those chapter books which are food for the mind with their curiosity and imagination, such as 'James and the Giant Peach'. The podcast recommends books, and kids get involved with the discussion around themes, thoughts, and experiences.

'Peace Out'

And finally, the 'Peace Out' podcast is a great introduction to mindfulness for our kids in a busy, chaotic, and confusing world with visualisations and breathing techniques.

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