This Is Why You Should Pay Your Kids To Do Chores

Your little one will probably ask about payment once you bring up the idea of doing jobs around the home.

We all know that kids should do their fair share around the home. They make the majority of the mess so it makes sense that they do some of the tidying up.
However, as most of us know, kids don’t like doing chores. They would (like the rest of us) prefer if someone else just did it for them.
In an ideal world, your child would just do the chores because you said so... but it’s not an ideal world and your little one will probably ask about payment once you bring up the idea of doing jobs around the home. 
But there’s nothing wrong with money exchanging hands, in fact, it’s actually a good thing that benefits both your little one AND you.

1. It teaches them about money management
The earlier your child learns how to handle money the better. A child who grows up understanding the importance of money and the hard work needed to get it the more they will value it.

2. They’re more likely to actually do the chore if you offer payment
Kids don’t want to do chores. Like most of us they would prefer someone else do it for them. However, money can be a big incentive to get someone to do something, especially if it’s something they really don’t want to.
3. It gives them an insight into the workings of the real world
That in order to reap the rewards, they must do the hard work.  
4. It will encourage them to do more chores for you
If your little one wants to save up for something in particular, they may ask to do extra chores which is, of course, a win-win for you!  
5. It gives you leeway if they don’t or forget to do the chores
And they come looking for money for something in particular. 

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