This Genius Clock Will Ensure Your Kids Are Never Late

Father-of-one Ben Brandt came up with the idea of an instructable clock for kids.

Kids. They’re not exactly the more organised or on-time group, are they?
Most of them realise that they are missing a shoe literally as you are walking out the door.
They also never remember what time dinner is at or, you know, when bedtime is despite it being at the same time every single day.
However, one dad has come up with a genius idea that will make sure your kids are never late for anything (and stop asking you when food is being served...).
Father-of-one Ben Brandt came up with the idea of an instructable clock for kids when his three-year-old kept constantly asking when it was time for dinner or a snack.
His son was too young to understand how to read a clock so Ben put a bit of a spin on it - by putting images on it. 
The various pictures tell exactly when it’s time for bed or supper or when to get dressed. There are numbers on the clock face but the images are prominent so that they youngster could understand it better.
Writing on, Ben explained how he turned a normal clock into something a young child would understand and want to follow.
“With the clock re-assembled, we hung it on the wall down at our son's eye level in our kitchen so he could check it anytime he wanted to," he said. 
"Whenever he wanted to know if it was time for this or that, we could consult the clock together and talk about what he had already done, what was coming up, and work on teaching and reinforcing concepts of time and schedule with him on a regular basis. Overall he really enjoyed having a clock made just for him.”
The clock is such a good idea, and you could adjust it to suit your own needs: sports, activities or even when to feed the dog etc. It would also be a great tool for older children to remind them of certain chores that need to be done at certain times.
Written by Mary Byrne, Content Executive at Family Friendly HQ. Follow her on Twitter: @marybyrne321

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