22 Signs Your Kid Is Going To Be A Stroppy Teen

We suggest you start mentally preparing yourself for the teenage years if you recognise any of these in your child now.  

We all know the teenage years are tough. Mood swings, tantrums, slammed doors and little to no eye contact are all part and parcel of raising a teen.

But some parents have it a lot harder than others! Some kids sail through the teenage years with just a few arguments and slammed doors.

Other mums and dads, unfortuntately, can have a whole different kind of experience, and it's best to be prepared! 

We suggest you start mentally preparing yourself for the teenage years if you recognise any of the below in your child now - Trust us. 

Here are 20 signs your child will grow up to be a stroppy teen.

  1. They make their own rules in life - especially when it comes to house rules.
  2. They demand things from you and are usually shocked if you don't bow to their demands.
  3. They speak their own mind - no matter how inappropriate it may be.
  4. Dressing them is a nightmare as they REFUSE to wear anything you choose for them.
  5. They question Every. Single. Thing.
  6. They’ll finish your sentences for you – because they always want to have the last word...
  7. They will argue a point until you accept that they are right… even if they’re not.
  8. They’re always right, well, according to them that is.
  9. They tell you they can do something better than you. Constantly. 
  10. They are always the leader of the pack.
  11. They will test your limits until you literally cry in frustration.
  12. They hate waiting for anything, especially food.
  13. They won’t take no for an answer – they’ll always find a way.
  14. They are easily frustrated.
  15. They hate when you show them how to do something – they want to learn for themselves.
  16. They’ll make their own rules when playing.
  17. And constantly change the rules throughout the game if they're losing.
  18. They tell you how things should be.
  19. They’ll tell you what to do.
  20. If they want to do something they will, no matter how many times you tell them they’re not allowed.

So? If your little one is displaying any of the above signs of a stroppy teen, we wish you good luck!

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