14 Things Your Child Should Be Doing (Almost) Every Day

As parents, it is important we teach our children to grow up to be independent and resilient. 

As parents, it is important we teach our children to grow up to be independent and resilient. It will serve them well in life as they grow, as they learn how to make their own decisions.
It also means you don’t have to do every single thing for them, and it absolutely frees up time for you.
Obviously these are all age-dependent, but for the most part, the following things are stuff your kids should be well able to do around the house, without your input...
Here are 14 things your child should do every day:
  • Make their own school lunches (Monday to Friday obviously)
  • Brush their own hair
  • Make their own bed every morning
  • Tidy up after themselves
  • Put the dinner dishes in the dishwasher  
  • Empty the dishwasher, yeah, you get the idea
  • Put clothes away... whether they belong to them or not
  • Get their uniform ready the night before... because that is an absolute pain in the bum to do
  • Wipe down the counters... and, obviously, vacuum up whatever they put on the floor
  • Feed the dog… if you have one
  • Put on a wash… even if you need help to make sure they’re not mixing whites with colours
  • Water the plants both inside and outside... this one is dependent on how often the plants need water though
  • Vacuum... maybe not every day but at least once a week
  • Complete their homework properly
Written by Mary Byrne, Content Executive at Family Friendly HQ. Follow her on Twitter: @marybyrne321

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