6 Real Struggles Of Back To School Shopping

Armed with the book and uniform lists it seems pretty straight forward to head to the shops and get started right? Wrong! 

Back to school is just under a month away and now it is the time to stock up on all the supplies needed for the new school year.
Armed with the book and uniform lists it seems pretty straight forward to head to the shops and get started right? Wrong! Who knew how terribly frustrating and stressful the whole process is? Well it is and before you set out you have being warned about the perils that is back to school shopping.
1. The book lists
Handy enough really, to be fair, hand it into the book shop with your phone number leaving a little deposit and they will call you in due course once all the books are in. Of course the kids don’t understand this and sulk that they haven’t got their new books now, though once the school year starts they scream when you ask them to do their homework and open their books-go figure!
2. Lunch boxes or lunch bags?
It is such a massive decision for our little monsters, as there is such an array of choices. Why can’t shops stock just two types and be done with it? Instead I have spent five minutes standing here pleading that my kids to pick their lunch box, I don’t care if it is a box or a bag just pick one?! It can have compartments, be round or be rather fancily designed just hurry on now!
3. The stationary lists
You would think that picking up a few stationary essentials would be easy enough however how wrong I was? There are about twenty types of rubbers and sharpeners and don’t get me started on the good old colours twistables anyone? Rather than have the nippers fighting I am trying to gather similar items though in different colours however they are arguing and disagreeing over which pencil they want. The plain HBs are not the “in thing” anymore and the kids need the fancy ones with little toys stuck on top! I am just about to walk away when they add more rubbers that are animals and I know for sure these rubbers won’t be used they are just to show off! Frustratingly these little stationary marvels will be lost in a week or swapped for something less stationary like and more food like- a cheese string for example!
4. Drinks bottles
Grab a bottle any bottle because like last year kids it will be lost and replaced in a few days after starting school. Sure if you want the overly expensive character type bottle get it, but bear in mind I am not replacing it with another.
5. Uniforms
Sorry kids but you don’t get too much say in what you wear as the uniform is the code of the school and nothing you can say will change that. Ok so you want short sleeved shirts however long sleeved ones are warmer especially in our wretched climate here in Ireland but now you are causing a scene so grab the short sleeved shirts and by all means freeze. And you! Yea you there grabbing the ankle socks, you young lady are wearing tights or knee socks at the very least and stop whining about it.
6. Footwear
Annabelle last year had a fancy pair of shoes that came with a toy and I really liked them she says, well I am sure they are lovely at 80euro a pop. However we have a number of you little kiddies to buy for so you may choose another less expensive pair, sure they may not come with a toy but I will throw in a pack of jellies later ok?!
Best of luck on your shopping trip, it is tough on you but also on your purse, make sure you stop for a coffee break- it will be well-deserved!
Written by Emma, Irish mummy blogger.
Check out her own blog at emmasmadjotters.com

Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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