Tips On Hiding Your Pregnancy Until You Are Ready To Tell

Congratulations you are pregnant and now you are furiously trying to hide your pregnancy until you are ready to announce it.

Congratulations you are pregnant and now you are furiously trying to hide your pregnancy until you are ready to announce it but that isn’t always easy!
Between your cravings, potential morning sickness and expanding waistline it doesn’t take people a lot to get guessing. So, we have all been there and we have gathered up some helpful tips on hiding it for as long as you will want to.
We hope these help…
  • Grape juice - This can be used instead of wine and no one will know the difference if you fill your own glass of course, or if your partner does it. Going to dinner or to bars may prove harder though but again if you are sticking to your own round, an orange juice with an umbrella can pass for a wacky cocktail or go mad and order a non-alcoholic cocktail – no one will suspect a thing!
  • Antibiotics - Everyone says they are on antibiotics to avoid getting found out but sometimes it alerts people to your predicament. However, the excuse may work for a night out or a few days if you have a holiday or weekend break planned.
  • Dentist dramas - This one is great as you will need time off while you are pregnant for scans and check-ups. Dentistry usually requires lots of appointments especially if you are having some extensive work done. This will keep an employer none the wiser and if you have dentistry been done, you may not be able to drink as you will be on medication. Sorted!
  • Detox program - Everyone needs a detox and telling friends and family you are going through an extensive detox process to improve your health is a good option. Alcohol is out, foods that are unhealthy are out and of course, you couldn’t possibly drink coffee unless it is de-caf!
  • Lie lessons - You will have to lie and there is no way that you can get around that without giving your little secret away. Your best friends or close family will not mind you telling some little lies once they find out why in the future. Don’t feel bad over it. You are waiting till you are ready.
  • Get your involved partner involved - It sometimes can be more believable if you and your partner go on the same regime. Your friends will be more likely to believe your healthy lifestyle and abstinence from alcohol if you do it together. Your partner may not find it easy but sure you both are a team. This baby is for both of you after all.
  • Clothes - You may not show in the early days and in some other cases you may be an early bloomer. If you still haven’t told anyone in the second trimester you will find it increasingly hard to keep your belly under wraps. But a few loose tops won’t go a miss when hiding a small baby bump and it will give you a few more weeks before you will be overly noticeable.
We wish you the best of luck!
Written by Emma Hayes, Staff Writer, with Family Friendly HQ. 


Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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