These Women Did WHAT While They Were Pregnant?

For most of us pregnancy is a time where we slow down a little bit - but not all of us! 

For most of us pregnancy is a time where we slow down a little bit. We are encouraged to continue to be active but not to over-do it at the same time.
Life just naturally tends to move at a slower pace when we are expecting a baby.
Well not for these mums. We did a bit of research and couldn’t believe what these women got up to while they were carrying precious cargo.
And I thought I was brilliant doing pregnancy yoga....
  • Had a holiday to Vegas. OK, this one is me. Let me first start by saying that the trip was a gift and we did not anticipate conceiving so quickly. We enjoyed all Vegas had to offer at 30 weeks pregnant and didn’t miss the alcohol at all. Our families were never more relieved than when we touched down on Irish soil after that holiday.
  • Ran a marathon. This mum had a history of completing marathons and continued to pursue them during pregnancy. The medical advice was conflicting at times. She has spoken about the fact that the marathons were not difficult and that she just had to be extra careful with the training and nutrition side of the process.
  • Dressed as Queen Elizabeth. Yep – actress Claire Foy auditioned for her prestigious role in “The Crown” while she was heavily pregnant.
  • Got a HUGE tattoo. One mum got a massive piece of Tattoo art work on her BELLY while pregnant. The piece took eleven gruelling hours. The mum had no idea that she was pregnant when she got the tattoo and was hugely concerned about her pregnancy as a result. She went on to deliver a healthy baby but in general Tattoos are not recommended during pregnancy due to the possibility of infection and hygiene issues.
  • Competed in The London 2012 Games. And she won! Kerri Walsh Jennings won gold and she just so happened to be five weeks pregnant at the time.
  • STARTED smoking. Having never smoked in her life one mum tried it at a friends birthday party. Social smoking turned to everyday smoking within a couple of weeks. She had no idea that she was pregnant and discovered, to her surprise, that she was five weeks pregnant when she started. She stopped immediately with the help of her GP and a charity.
  • Won the Lotto. An American couple who were expecting their first baby won a 240K Jackpot. Let’s just assume she took a little extra maternity leave shall we?
Written by Tracey Quinn, Staff Writer, with Family Friendly HQ. 

Tracey Quinn

Proud mum of two who got married on Don't Tell The Bride and had an accidental home-birth (loves a good story). She's passionate about breastfeeding, positive thinking & all things cosy.

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