The best things about being pregnant.

The positives of being a pregnant lady and how to make the most of your “current condition”!

Any woman will tell you it is an amazing thing to carry a baby for nine months and then to go on to deliver your adorable little one.
There are, some would say, downsides to being pregnant like carrying extra weight, heartburn and being tired all the time (and that is all before your bundle is born).
But in this blog, we are concentrating on the positives of being a pregnant lady and how to take advantage of your “current condition” because basically no one is going to argue with you!
  • When you are pregnant you will find people are a lot friendlier to you, and some even let you skip queues so you do not have to wait long. 
  • An awful lot of people love seeing pregnant women and love to ask about your due date and how far along are you? Everyone loves to see a baby in the making! Enjoy the personal attention as soon enough it will be all about your youngster.
  • I hate to be crude but you grow bigger boobs, yes I had no idea till I woke up with watermelons and whoa was I delighted! Bigger bra’s: yes please! It doesn’t matter that your waistline is expanding, at least now everything looks even!
  • You get to shop! As in buy new clothes and accessories for your new born as well as new nursery furniture, bedding and you get to decorate a bedroom too if you are feeling creative. If you love shopping you are going to have a field day, and if you love interior design this will be an excellent experience.
  • It is a beautiful experience carrying your tot inside you, feeling them move around or even hiccup! It is miraculous rubbing your belly knowing they can feel your touch and hear your voice. Life is pretty amazing at times and it doesn’t get much better than this.
  • Obviously pregnant women need lots of rest at this time so take advantage and nap away. If anyone says anything feign tiredness from carrying baba around all day and don’t worry nobody is going to argue with you.
  • Of course eating healthily is vital for any pregnant lady but you can also eat loads of nice things and for now (at least) and not have to worry too much about calories and losing weight! Good times- so stack up on lots of yummy food and revel in the flavours.
  • The anticipation of having a baby is overwhelming at times, it seems to be ages since you found out you were expecting. You and your partner simply can’t wait till he or she arrives, to see who they look like and how they grow and evolve. Watching your baby grow gives you a new sense of pride and value to your lives like never before.
Have I missed any?
Written by Emma, staff writer with

Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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