Top tips to inspire and help you design the perfect space for your new arrival.

Decorate a nursery is one of the best parts of preparing for your baby.

Planning to decorate your baby's nursery but not sure where to start? Here’s our top tips to inspire and help you to design the perfect space for your new arrival.
Location: If you have the luxury of a choice of rooms in your home, choose a quiet room close to your bedroom so you don’t have to walk far at night. Make sure that a cold room has adequate heating and a warm room has good ventilation. Black-out blinds, curtain linings or beautiful shutters are worth the investment as they are excellent ways to keep unwanted light out to ensure that your little one sleeps soundly. 
Style: Use interiors magazines and teh internet for inspiration on colour and style our favorites at the moment are Pinterest,  Houzz and Pottery Barn Kids. Print or cut out the pictures to make a collage or moodboard of ideas. Take this with you for guidance when out shopping for similar items. Ideally you will find cheaper and often more practical alternatives!  Apart from the obvious (the cot) don't be afraid to move away from traditional 'kids shops' to furnish your nursery. With a little imagination pieces of furniture can be transformed into nursery style at a very low cost. 
The use of individual letters to spell babies name is very on trend at the moment, simple letters can be painted or decorated with fabric (for those who enjoy a bit of crafting). Monogramming is not just for SJP's winter wordrobe-blankets, cushions and dressing gowns look super cute with pottery barn inspired monogramming (service available at
Simple wall shelves ( can be used  to display cute accessories adding another pop of colour to your walls, they can also double as extra storage!
Keep it simple With all the gorgeous nursery furniture and accessories available, it’s easy to over-decorate. Keep it simple, opt for a neutral palette  with furniture, flooring and walls and try to introduce colour with accessories like cushions, tie backs rugs artwork  and of course some cute bunting, these items can be changed  as the baby gets older and are cheaper to buy. Choose adaptable décor that can be reused for the next little one (see below for unisex colour ideas) . Wall stickers and stencils are a cheap and easy alternative to wall paper and can be removed when your child gets older. 
Choose colours wisely: Consider using colours that are calming soft, tranquil and nurturing. With the demands of a newborn, most parents need calm space more than anything. Whilst some people like the traditional blue for a boy and pink for a girl, do not be afraid to veer off the norm. Tones like greys, navy and duck egg blue are great alternatives, all unisex and very much on trend at the moment. Select your furniture pieces before you start decorating. Parents often choose their colours first, but it's actually easier and cheaper to match paints, fabrics and accessories to your key furniture pieces. 
Remember safety In 1995, Ireland implemented the Industrial Research and Standards (Fire Safety) (Domestic Furniture) Regulations which set today’s levels of fire resistance requirements for all new and second hand domestic furnishings containing upholstery.  Under the new regulations, upholstered items sold in the UK and Ireland must be Flame Retardant also known as FR Treated.  Make sure to check safety standards.
Happy decorating x 

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