Packing for the Labour Ward

We decided to ask a few new Mammies what they packed in their bags for the hospital and here is what they told us...

We decided to ask a few new Mammies what they packed in their bags for the hospital and here is what they told us...
Even if you are not planning a hospital birth it is good to have a bag packed just in case you need to go unexpectedly. Any time from 35 weeks onwards is good to have your bag ready to go. All our Mums suggested to pack two bags: one for before and during and immediately after labour and the other for your hospital stay.
For labour ward:
  • TENS pain relief machine, if you are planning to use one.Backless slip-on slippers, that are easy to get on and off.
  • Socks. As your feet might get cold during labour.
  • Old nightdress or T-shirt to wear in labour. It will probably get a bit messy, so don't buy anything special to wear in the hospital.
  • Light Dressing gown. This can be used during labour and afterwards in the ward. Hospitals can be very warm so make sure it is not heavy and a dark colour is always better. Try to get a longer dressing gown in case you are paraded through the hospital like one of our Mums!
  • Lip balm & water spray. Your lips and face can get very dry in the labour ward.
  • Snacks and drinks (and your partner if your feeling nice!) for you while you are in labour.
  • Magazines/books or a tablet, to help you pass the time if you are in the pre-labour ward.
  • Hair bobbins or clips. To tie your hair back.
  • Music: to help you relax during labour
  • Camera or Phone: to take photos of your precious bundle when they arrive. 
For after birth:
  • An outfit for leaving the hospital. And no you won't be wearing your pre-pregnancy clothes so pack some maternity or very comfy clothes for the journey home.
  • Maternity pads. Bring a couple of packs of (extra large) pads.
  • Nursing bras. Bring a couple of these.
  • Breast pads.
  • Disposable knickers. These can be bought in packs and are very handy. 
  • Nightshirt or T-shirt. Front-opening shirts are useful in the early days of breastfeeding.
  • Toiletries. Decant these into smaller bottles, or buy travel versions, to save on space in the postnatal ward. You may sweat more after birth, so take a deodorant.
  • Toiletries, towel, shampoo & conditioner, hairbrush, moisturiser.
  • Eye mask and earplugs, to help you sleep in a brightly lit, noisy ward.
For baby:
  • Five sleepsuits, vests and babygrows (make sure to prewash everything in non-biological powder).
  • Blanket. For swaddling 
  • Nappies & cotton wool. Bring a large pack of each.
  • Muslin squares, for mopping up any milk your baby brings up.
  • One pair of socks and gloves (in case your babies scratches themselves.
  • A warm all in one outfit for the journey home
  • Hat 
  • Baby car seat. Make sure to test out this in your car before-hand.

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