Hospital Bag Checklist: 14 Important Items You Need To Pack

Packing your hospital bag is an important task that shouldn’t be left until the last minute.

Packing your hospital bag is an important task that shouldn’t be left until the last minute. There are a few things you will need to put into it - essentials that you won’t want to forget - so it is important you take your time doing it.
To help make the job a little easier and stress-free, we have compiled a list of the 14 essentials items that you will need to pack. These are just essentials though, you might have a few items that you’d like to bring - things to make the whole experience more comfortable. 
1. Flip flops
Slippers are handy to have as well but if you can only fit one or the other in your bag, we advise you opt for the flips flops. You can wear the flip flops around as slippers but they will also come in handy when you’re having a shower or going to and from the bathroom.
2. Dressing gown
It might take up a fair amount of room in your bag, bu, trust us when we tell you squishing it in will be so worth it. Whether you use it to pop to the bathroom or while you’re sitting on the chair with Baby, this will definitely come in handy.


3. Nightdress and comfy pyjamas
The nightdress is for giving birth in so don’t go for anything too fancy or expensive as you’ll likely throw it out after. However, you will need a nice comfy pair of pyjamas for after Baby arrives. Go for ones that make breastfeeding easy if you plan on nursing and keep them light-weight - hospitals are warm and you don’t want to feel uncomfortable while in bed.

4. Toiletries
Think shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, and moisturiser. If there’s room you can throw in some dry shampoo and even some nice smelling body lotion. If you’re stuck in bed for a while or can’t use the shower for any reason, these things will help you feel a little better. Make-up is another thing to consider - not essential but it’s nice to have a bit of concealer, mascara and even some blush handy.

5. Large pads
You will need to pick up special pads for after birth - you will be bleeding a fair amount and sanitary towels won’t be enough. You can usually pick these up in your local supermarket and you should grab two or three packs - you’ll definitely need them.

6. Large undies
You will also need large, comfortable knickers to house these pads so don’t look for anything dainty when packing - the bigger the better. You will also need a few wire-free, soft bras or nursing ones if you’re planning on breastfeeding. Your breasts will feel tender and sore so go for the softest material you can afford.
7. Nappies
While this might seem like an obvious one, it's actually easy to forget! If you can fit a full pack of newborn nappies into your bag, then absolutely throw it in - you'll more than likely need them all! 

8. Clothes for Baby

You don’t need anything fancy but a few baby gros, vests, a cardigan, hat and maybe a coat depending on the time of year. Keep it to onesies rather than two or three-piece outfits to make your life a lot easier. Don’t put in anything that

9. Blanket

The hospital will provide a blanket for Baby while staying there but you will need one for going home. However, if it’s too bulky to fit, why not leave it with your partner or family member who can bring it in at home day.

10. Other Baby essentials

Cotton wool balls (when changing Baby’s nappy)
Muslin cloths
Scratch mittens
11. Phone charger
You will definitely need this! Think of all the phone calls and messages you will receive and, of course, the number of photos you’ll want to take.

12. Cereal bars and snacks
Pop a few cereal bars and snacks in your bag. It’s good to have something to nibble on after Baby is born and your birthing partner will definitely appreciate having something to hand as well.

13. Hand sanitizer
This is good to have for when visitors start arriving. Go for a big bottle - trust us, you’ll use it - and you can leave it on your side table after birth.

14. Change for the parking meter
Throw some coins into a purse so that you won’t get stuck when it comes to parking.

Now that your bag is packed, we advise you leave it somewhere easily accessible, like your hall or in your car. 

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