5 Important Things I Did Every Day During My Pregnancy

Speaking to my baby reminded me that I was not in this alone. That we were a team.

I'm not a professional when it comes to being pregnant but I've had two pregnancies and two babies so I've learnt a thing or two throughout those journeys. I really enjoyed being pregnant both times and I say that respectfully because I know that pregnancy can be an incredibly difficult time for a lot of women. Throughout my pregnancies, I had daily rituals that made all the difference for me. These are the things that helped me feel my best and get through the day at a time where fatigue and emotions are at an all-time high.

Here are five important things that I did every single day while I was pregnant. They made all the difference for me, and this is why :

I Showered Twice A Day

So this might sound a bit extreme but I have this really strong association between water and my mood-altering. Pregnancy is a really hormonal time and I felt that when I started and ended the day with a shower it kind of washed my worries away. It was a breath of fresh air and helped my mental health in a really big way. I also had a bit of a *thing* about going to bed freshly showered so that if I went in to labour that night, at least I was clean. I realize how bizarre that sounds now that I've written it.

Coconut Oil

A midwife once told me that coconut oil has many benefits. She told me that she used it every single night on her baby bump and for perineal massage. Many people believe that perineal massage reduces the chances of experiencing a perineal tear or requiring an episiotomy while giving birth. Coconut oil became part of my nightly beauty regime from that day forward.

5 Things I Did Every Day During My Pregnancies
Throughout my pregnancies I had daily rituals that made all the difference for me

I Ate Chocolate

While maintaining a healthy diet during my pregnancy was important to me, I'll admit that I ate chocolate every single day. No regrets about it either. There was method in my madness because knowing that at the end of the day I could enjoy a mug of tea and a bar of chocolate kept me on the straight and narrow with healthy eating throughout the day. I looked forward to it so much.

I Wrote A List

I am an anxious person in general and pregnancy really accentuates that for me. Writing a daily to-do list made such a difference for me. It kept my mind focused and preoccupied with the plan for that day rather than allowing myself to over-think and over-analyse things that happened yesterday, or things that were yet to happen.

I Spoke To My Baby

This was paramount for me. Speaking to my baby reminded me that I was not in this alone. That we were a team. That we were growing together and facing the birth together. I did this in so many different ways but gentle birth was one of the most powerful mediums for me. I listened to the meditations in the bath, in the car, on walks and in bed at night. I firmly believe it is the reason why I had such a healing birth this time round.

Tracey Quinn

Proud mum of two who got married on Don't Tell The Bride and had an accidental home-birth (loves a good story). She's passionate about breastfeeding, positive thinking & all things cosy.

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