Love Your Post-Baby Body: One Mum's Perspective

This is a very honest account from one mum

Naturally a woman's body undergoes a huge amount of physical and hormonal changes when she is pregnant. Some of these changes are visible to the naked eye while others are on an emotional level.  We all know that pregnancy comes with these changes and yet they can still be quite a shock for some women. Many women have been the same shape and size for several years. The change can take some time to adjust to. It's a natural part of the process though.
Soon the focus becomes more about the baby and the miracle of growing a tiny person. Many women grow to adore their bump and changing bodies. Larger breasts, wider hips and everything in between. It is an empowering time to be a woman.
But what about after the baby is born? The magic of having a newborn ensues and as the dust begins to settle you find yourself trying to make sense of your new life. Your daily routine has changed and so has your body. You no longer feel like you are glowing. Perhaps you are struggling with some of the changes that pregnancy has meant for your body.
What To Wear?
I struggled with finding the right clothes to wear after I had given birth. It's a strange phase to be in. Your Maternity clothes that fit you days before are probably too big now whilst your pre-pregnancy clothes wouldn't go anywhere near you. My advice is to stock up on some comfortable pairs of stretchy leggings or tracksuit bottoms and forget about fashion for a while. You've just given birth super mama, not give yourself a break.
How To Get Rid Of Stretch-Marks?
The majority of women experience stretch marks during pregnancy. Some don't make an appearance until the very end and can be very unwelcome. There are creams and lotions on the market which can help to keep the skin hydrated and soft but stretch marks are a very natural and normal experience during pregnancy. Coming to terms with these stretch marks post-pregnancy can be a difficult thing to do. Many women find that they simply fade as time goes on. In general though there is nothing to be ashamed of. Most women have them and they are a symbol of the amazing experience of being pregnant and giving birth.
Feeling Different, Ahem, “Down There”.
Things are realistically going to feel a bit different down south for some time. Giving birth is such a  huge physical task and it will take your body time to heal. You will be glad to know that in a couple of months you will feel like yourself again. Just be patient and kind to yourself and your body. Haemorrhoids can be another very common side-affect after you have given birth. There are creams and suppositories on the market that will help ease the discomfort.
Breast Change
You may have found that your breasts changed during pregnancy. Perhaps they became larger and rounder or more sensitive. Due to hormonal changes our breasts do change before, during and after we give birth. Most women will experience their nipples and areola turning a dark brown colour. This fades and they return to their usual colour after a couple of weeks. If you are breastfeeding your breasts will become very full before a feed. All of these changes are normal and natural. There is nothing to be concerned about.
I wasn't expecting this one at all. When my son was a couple of weeks old I began to lose massive chunks of my hair when I brushed it. I thought there was something wrong with me. Turns out that we all lose hair daily but during pregnancy we do not. When the pregnancy hormones begin to leave our bodies we make up for the hair we didn't lose during pregnancy. Another strange but very normal side-affect. 
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Tracey Quinn

Proud mum of two who got married on Don't Tell The Bride and had an accidental home-birth (loves a good story). She's passionate about breastfeeding, positive thinking & all things cosy.

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