Signs you are about to go into labour.

Here are the things that can happen right before you're about to go into labour.

It is nearly the end of your pregnancy and you are wondering will you know when you are nearing labour?
The truth is you may or may not, and there are lots of little signs that things are a moving down below but here is a list to help you along the way.
  • Your baby drops- Don’t panic this is not in the literal sense but you may notice that your belly drops and feel less pressure under your ribcage as your baby moves into position. While it will release pressure under the ribcage it can cause another kind of pressure down below, but don’t worry it shouldn’t be too long now anyway!
  • You are nesting- Suddenly you have gone from being a lazy slob on the sofa to wanting every single part of the house clean, even the fridge and freezer get the cleaning treatment. Try not to overdo it though remember you need lots of energy when giving birth, so go back to your sloth ways by all means once the nesting has being done!
  • You spend more time in the bathroom than in any other room- As a result of your baby getting ready to fly the nest so to speak you will need to pee a lot more than usual. Be grateful that by now you should be off work as productivity would be down as you sat on the loo watching deadlines move farther and farther away! Bring a magazine, and make sure you settle yourself down near the bathroom to avoid any mad dashes to the loo!
  • You are increasingly finding it hard to walk- Honestly walking is so hard once your baby is in the right area and you will be waddling along unattractively. Sure stay home if you like but one must get around and the ice-cream isn’t going to deliver itself to you is it?
  • You may feel more than a little emotional- Your partner just asked you what you wanted for dinner and you are crying like a baby as you can’t decide between pizza or Indian! That’s ok, don’t let it bother you as you will be laughing about it in five minutes.
  • You are so uncomfortable- It doesn’t matter where you lie or where you sit you just can’t get comfortable at all, hell you can’t even tie your shoe laces and you cannot see your toes ( and god knows the toe nails probably need a trim). You will probably kick your partner out of the bed as he will just be in the way, and you are carrying a load here so you do need the extra space… The sofa is comfy enough anyway for himself!
  • You may get a few Braxton hicks contractions- These are just a practice run for the real thing though they may scare you at first. Of course contact your hospital or Doctor if you are worried at all, and go with your gut instinct.
Soon you will have a new baby and these not so nice experiences will be over, and then the real work starts-parenting!

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