Baby Coming Soon? Prepare to meet these 7 different types of laboring mums!

Your bag is packed… but so are the bags of these mums whom you’re bound to encounter when your day comes.

It’s almost time for your little one to arrive!
Your bag is packed… but so are the bags of these mums whom you’re bound to encounter when your day comes.
#1 The Wailer
Meet The Wailer. This one is in pain, and has no intention of suffering quietly. She may have just found out that it's too late to get an epidural, so cut her some slack!
#2 The Blamer
It’s the world’s fault. It’s her partners fault for impregnating her, the midwives fault for not making the pain go away, her friends fault for lying to her about pain management, her sister fault for bringing in the wrong slippers, the vending machine’s for not stocking sparkling water... it's just not her fault.
#3 The Socializer
She’s had more visitors than google. There’s a queue of people in and out to see her while she’s in labour. She laughs at the top of her voice and jokes about how wonderful the gas and air is! You want to take to social media about her, but today you can’t because she’s now following you on twitter and your new BF on Facebook. Just wait- the duo selfie comes later!
#4 The Planner
This mums pedi is perfect and the going home outfit is hung up for all to see. She’s writing her thank you cards from her labour bed.
#5 Nervous Norah
If there’s a shortage of nurses on the ward- they’re all with Norah. Visualise a first time aeroplane flyer hitting that call button all the way to Australia. Where’s the mute button?
#6 The Know-It- All
This lady has read all the books and she has a laminated birth plan that must not be deviated from although she could turn into number #1 at any minute!
#7 The Professional
It's her sixth baby and this is a holiday for her away from her other five kiddios. You may call her Yoda or Oh Wise One!

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