How to Stress Less During Pregnancy

Here are a few ways to manage your stress and reduce anxiety during pregnancy

Congratulations on your pregnancy, and so the journey begins!
It is normal to feel apprehensive about impending parenthood but you should be mindful of your stress levels and take steps to ensure you are relaxed throughout your pregnancy or as much as possible. Here are a few ways you can have a less stressful pregnancy and enjoy it before your tiny bundle arrives!
  • Get all the information- It is important that you see a Doctor once you know that you are pregnant and let the doctor guide you in what you should and shouldn’t be doing. You may need to take folic acid if you have not started it already, you will need to decide on a hospital to care for you and your baby and you will need to prepare for appointments over the next few months. Use the internet to get extra information and these will answer any questions you have, start following family orientated websites to read articles on pregnancy, birth and parenting.
  • Keep up your appointments- It is imperative you keep up all appointments while pregnant for you and for your unborn baby, if you do need to cancel ensure you rearrange by calling the office. These appointments will give your doctors and midwife a journal of all your health throughout the pregnancy and means they can note any issue from the get go, rather than leaving it and letting a possible problem go unnoticed.
  • Eat well- If you are unsure of what you should be eating and what you definitely shouldn’t be eating talk to your doctor or look up the information on line. There are many foods you should avoid during pregnancy and if you prefer buy a pregnancy book which will give you all the information and you can keep it for reference as your pregnancy progresses.
  • Keep fit- No one is suggesting you need to be running marathons all the time but keeping up your fitness during pregnancy is encouraged and it is a great way to destress after a day at work. A nice evening walk, or think about joining a yoga class but inform your class teacher that you are expecting, better still there might be a pregnancy yoga class in your area.
  • Eliminate life stressors if possible- If your job is very stressful talk to your manager and see what you can do to ease the workload or reduce your days of work later in pregnancy. If most of your stress comes from your extended family, try taking a back seat and put yourself first. Too much stress is unhealthy for you and your baby so if you are feeling overwhelmed or unable to cope talk to your heatth practitioner.
  • Surround yourself by people who support you- If someone is very negative and puts you down constantly it will not do your mental health any good which in turn isn’t good for your unborn baby. Instead socialise with people who are supportive of you, family and friends who want to help and are caring towards you with no pressure.
  • Count yourself lucky and be positive- Be positive every single day as this will help you stay happy and healthy in the long run. Count your blessings for everything you hold dear and look to the future positively, this is an exciting time for you so don’t let stress take over. Enjoy every minute of pregnancy as it will be over in a flash and before you know it your beautiful baby will be here!
  • Take a deep breath-As simple as it might sound, this really helped me. If you feel yourself tensing up, chances are, you're holding your breath. Rapid heart rate, stomach knots, and muscle tension are your body's way of telling you something's up! Deep breathing can help. As you inhale, expand your belly. On the exhale, let the belly relax and release all of your tension. If you focusing on your breathing it really can help you take charge of your emotions. 
Written by Emma, staff writer with and Irish mummy blogger. Check out her own blog at

Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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