The things you shouldn't do when pregnant

Here is the list the pregnancy books don't tell you

Sorry Mama, during pregnancy there are a list of things that you know you shouldn’t do like drinking alcohol or caffeine, eating unpasteurised food or flying in the last trimester. However there are also other practical things that you shouldn’t do, ones that your doctor, midwive or pregnancy books generally don’t tell you. Here are our top ones:
Jumping or running
It will make you pee. 
Go for a browse in Mamas & Papas
It’s just not possible to have a sneek peek without having an overwhelming urge to buy everything in the shop. It becomes an obsession. 
Wear lace up shoes or converse in your last couple of weeks
Unless you are double jointed or can do the splits, its safer to wear slip ons for the final month while your feet are no longer visible to you. 
Expect to arrive on time to anything.
Besides the endless stops for toilet breaks and food, baby brain will mean that you will inevitably end up being late because you will be looking for your purse which you eventually find in the fridge.
Sit on a bean bag. 
Take it from us. It just isn’t a good idea. The manoeuvres required to get yourself back up again are, let’s just say, less than graceful! 
Build a house, move or renovate
These are one of the most stressful things to do when you are not pregnant. Throw in a body full of hormones and you will not only cry your way through the whole ordeal, you may question your strange interior decorating decisions post pregnancy. 
Make any plans a couple of weeks before your due date.
This is because, that will be the day you go into labour - it always is. Whatever you do, never travel too far away from your intended hospital during the period of time, as baby is sure to decide this is its day to arrive into the world.  
Are we missing any?

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