Nausea when pregnant (and how to make it STOP!)

Top tips to help ease or stop nausea when pregnant

In all my pregnancies (four to be exact), I've only once suffered from nausea, thankfully. I say suffered because it was hell. I couldn't eat a thing without heaving, certain odours turned my stomach and it got to a point where I lived on dry toast and plain biscuits just to make it through the day.
Nausea in pregnancy is another term for morning sickness or ALL DAY SICKNESS as I like to call it. At least three-quarters of women have some kind of nausea or sickness throughout their pregnancy.
Any signs of nausea should always be mentioned to your midwife or doctor especially in extreme cases but here's some tried and tested remedies to ease nausea during pregnancy. We are all different so you've got to figure out whats for you and your body. 
  • Eat little and often. Lots of small carby snacks throughout the day
  • Try sea-bands. One inch bands are worn on both arms that put pressure on your acupressure points in the inner wrist.
  • Some women feel nauseous when taking chunky vitamins but these days you can get Vitamin sprays in pharmacies nationwide. So handy!
  • Snacking before getting out of bed helps keep your energy levels up.
  • Keep hydrated. Women suffering from nausea during pregnancy should drink small but frequent sips of water throughout the day, it will keep you hydrated throughout pregnancy and help avoid headaches that often accompany nausea.
Foods that might help prevent nausea during pregnancy:
  • All the carbs. Crackers, bread and toast.
  • Bananas are a great source of Potassium which is normally lost during vomiting. Stock up.
  • Ginger. Capsules of powdered ginger have been proven help reduce nausea and vomiting so you could try gingernut biscuits or even ginger tea.
  • Peppermint. Nibbling on peppermint sweets has been known to help curb the onset of nausea.
Did any of the above help curb your nausea during pregnancy or did we miss something? What helped you?

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