How To Soothe The Symptoms Of Heartburn

Heartburn can be incredibly uncomfortable (whether you're pregnant or not) but, thankfully, there are plenty of things you can do to help alleviate the symptoms.

Heartburn is something that can affect everyone, especially women who are pregnant. The increase in the hormone progesterone can weaken the oesophagus valve which allows acid to escape and irritate the lining.
As the uterus expands to accommodate Baby pressure is put on the stomach which can force the acid to go back up.
Heartburn can be incredibly uncomfortable (whether you're pregnant or not) but, thankfully, there are plenty of things you can do to help alleviate the symptoms.
An expectant mum got in touch in with us recently, asking for advice on how to deal with her heartburn.
We posted her question on our Facebook page where readers very kindly offered up their suggestions on how to tackle it following their own experience.
This is what they said:
1. “Omeprazole, love heart sweets, soda water (Tesco has cans which are much better than bottles where the fizziness goes flat), Gaviscon after every meal, sleep as elevated as possible, ice cream, don't eat after 8pm, eat small meals, avoid sauces.”
2. “Ginger is excellent - you can buy ginger sweets in the health shop. It is also excellent for nausea.” 
3. “I suffered really bad with heartburn and the only thing that helped was Fox's Glacier Mints.”
4. “Definitely Gaviscon and milk - it helped me and I had it very bad every night.”
5. “Peppermint cordial, just a little in a glass. Worked wonders for me.”
6. “Eating grapes from the fridge worked for me.”
7. “Try cut out white bread. I had gestational diabetes so was forced to stop eating it. As soon as I did my heartburn was reduced.”
8. “I used to think milk was good for it. I find mints help as well. I get heartburn lately with certain things I eat.”
9. “I chewed ice cubes.”
We recommend you consult the above options with your GP or midwife before trying them.

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