Fun things to do when pregnant!

Pregnancy doesn’t have to be all stretch marks and weight gain

Pregnancy doesn’t have to be all stretch marks, weight gain and the inability to hold your wee!
In fact it can be quite enjoyable at times and here we have listed a few things pregnant women should do that are fun and relaxing too.
  • Go on a shopping spree for you and your new arrival- As if you need an excuse to get out there and shop? You are going to need some maternity clothes, new comfy shoes and jewellery (because it is pretty) and for baby well they need a lorry load of things! It is so much fun nursery room shopping, cots, blankets and night lights all there waiting to be bought and you can get everything to match up and it wiill look incredible!
  • Get some pampering done- Your hair weakens during pregnancy so what better excuse then to get some hair treatments done and while you are at the hairdressers get a little trim and a blow dry. Once again nails have to be taken care of and you have to look your best for the new baby so get the talons done and you are going to look fantastic.
  • Make up photo memories- Get your partner to take a photo of your growing bump, the nursery room being made up and photos of days out you have together with bump in tow. You don’t have to share them with the world but having them in an album for your child to look at in years to come will be a beautiful reminder of your pregnancy.
  • Start a scrap book or a journal- Along with the photo album you could do more and put together a journal or scrap book filled with scan photos, notes on your pregnancy and special dates like your baby’s first kick. You can use this after your child is born too and keep a regular update for the first year of their life, sure it may be time consuming but it is an incredible memento to be kept for ever.
  • Take a fancy hotel break away with your partner- Put this on the top of the to do list as a weekend away or a mini break is exactly what every couple needs before a new arrival enters the world and causes chaos! It may be the last time for a good while that you guys get to spend some quality and private time together and while that might not bother you now it will in the future!
  • Laze on the sofa and read a book- Just get a book that you are dying to read and lounge about all day enjoying the peace and quiet. It is important to be well rested before the birth of your baby and this is a nice relaxing way to enjoy your day.
  • Eat tasty food and don’t worry about the calories for now! - There is plenty of time to worry about your weight once your baby is born and you should indulge in some tasty foods as a treat.
Best of luck with your pregnancy and enjoy it to the full as time does fly x 
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Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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