The Best Feel-Good Movies To Watch In Early Labour

If your due date is fast approaching, the thoughts of how long your early labour might last could be on your mind. What are you going to do to keep your mind busy?

We all know that every single woman's pregnancy journey is different, and the same goes for every woman's labour journey. However, one thing that is always certain to happen, especially for first-time mums, is early labour.

Early labour typically lasts between six to 12 hours, but can sometimes last much longer. During this time you should be somewhere you feel most comfortable, such that that very appealing giant duvet on your bed or your extra-comfy sofa. And you're also going to want to watch an old favourite on the TV.

Research shows that watching a familiar movie or TV show that you love will help boost your oxytocin levels during early labour. This in turn will help take your mind off of your situation and make you feel calmer. As the oxytocin levels in your body rise, it will reduce your anxiety and stress levels, and can even lower the pain you are feeling, thus helping mum feel happy and peaceful.

So to pass the time as your contractions are starting out and gradually begin to build in strength, here are some movies you can watch in early labour to help you get through this time in a perfectly relaxed state.

Feel The Musical Love

Grease! The Sound of Music! The Greatest Showman! Mamma Mia! There are so many great musical movies out there, the only problem you'll have will be whittling down your choice to just one or two (time permitting of course). Early labour will be the perfect time to whip out your favourite all-singing and all-dancing musical movie for one final time before baby arrives - plus, you'll be introducing your bundle of joy to such wonderful songs, they might even arrive kicking and screaming your favourite number.

An Animation Classic

If you've got a Disney+ subscription, then your movie plan for early labour is sorted. It might have been years since you sat down to watch an animation classic, so why not start with some of your favourites from your childhood such as 101 Dalmations, The Little Mermaid or Robin Hood. There's always more contemporary releases too, such as Shrek, The Incredibles or Toy Story.

The Nostalgic Franchise

You might have a good few hours of time until you begin to get moving, so you have plenty of time to begin a movie marathon of your favourite franchise. From Back To The Future, Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, Bridget Jones or even The Twilight Saga, there's bound to be at least one movie franchise that you wouldn't mind watching for the 50th time.

The Warm And Fuzzies

Finally, there's always the old reliable warm and fuzzies list that we can never tire of. Sure to boost your oxytocin levels sky-high, this list includes the instant comedy classics such as Mrs Doubtfire, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Bridesmaids, Sister Act or The Devil Wears Prada; or how about some romantic movies such as Pretty Woman, La La Land, Love Actually, or even The Notebook?

What movies will you be putting on your early labour list?

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